Monday, December 30, 2013


The opening match of the night was between Hollywood Clique members and EPW Tag Team Champs Brody Hawk and Neil "The Real Deal" Taylor taking on Dangerous David Cox and BJ Fuller. This one was going all the champs way when all of a sudden a slip up by Referee Joey Lynn helped to crown new champs. Needless to say the team of Hawk and Taylor were none to happy about losing the belts but better yet what will Hollywood Jimmy Blaylock have to say.
This match was one the fans had been waiting for. To see which team would wear a diaper or a tutu between Bonecrusher and Cassanova Kid taking on The Redneck Revolution Chazz Stone and Nathan Aulridge w/Smooth. This one was high action impact all the way from start to finish...... but in the end Bone & Kid prevailed and got the 1 2 3. The crowd went wild as the three opened beautifully wrapped gifts and brought out the cutest tutus. Bone reveled new names for each of the three as they put them on. The Redneck Revolution and Smooth were not happy campers at all but they were to fashionable to say the LEAST !!!
Brody Hawk and Neil "The Real Deal" Taylor came back to the ring and expressed their thoughts on with losing their tag belts. Hawk called Edith Poole to the ring and informed her that they would be using their rematch clause on January 4th against the new tag champs BJ Fuller and Dangerous David Cox.
The main event was a much anticipated first blood match between Superstar Bill Dundee and Kross with his tag partner JR Mauler at ringside. This one was non stop action from the bell outside and inside of the ring. Smooth came to ringside and took the padding off the turn buckle leaving the metal exposed. Mauler asked him what he was doing and he replied that Hollywood asked him to come out and help. In the end it backfired because Dundee slammed Kross's head into the metal busting him wide open therefore giving Dundee the win. This one is far from over I'm sure.

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