Monday, December 30, 2013


EPW Wrestling will be returning to action this Saturday, January 4th at 8:oo P.M. I received word today that a "HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT" will be made this Saturday night that will make a major impact on EPW in 2014. My sources say this is can't miss info. I myself can't wait to find out the scoop. Also the bounty on Bill "Superstar" Dundee is still on the table as Kross failed to collect it in the first blood match on December 21st. We also can expect Brody Hawk and Neil "the Real Deal" Taylor to come back with a vengeance to try to recapture their tag belts from the new champs in the team of Dangerous Davis Cox and BJ Fuller. What will be the outcome with Bonecrusher and Cassanova Kid and The Redneck Revolution and Smooth after they were forced to wear tutus? Only one way to find out ..... BE THERE.... SAME NIGHT.... SAME PLACE.... SAME TIME..... IT HAS DEFINATELY BEEN PROVEN YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT WILL HAPPEN OR WHO WILL SHOW UP AT EPW

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Beene said...

HollyWood Clqiue Kick Ass Tonight