Wednesday, December 11, 2013


The first match of the night was between Cassanova Kid and Redneck Revolution member Nathan Auldridge. Kid had this one well in had until he was distracted by Auldridge's tag partner Chazz Stone. This distraction caused Kid to be rolled up and Aulridge to get the win.
Hollywood Jimmy Blaylock came to the ring with his guest Gene Jackson. They called Bonecrusher and Bill "Superstar" Dundee out to the ring telling Dundee that Bonecrusher had contacted Blaylock to collect the bounty that he put out on him. Edith poole came to the announce table and told them that she was instructed to play a DVD that was delivered. When it came up it was 1/2 of 24/7 Kross. He announced that he would be back at EPW on December 21st to take Dundee out. He also addressed Bonecrusher as the crowd sat in amazement listened to his message. What will happen in this one...... Question after question
Buzz Harley came to the ring and made the announcement that he would return to the ring on December 21st. The Hollywood Clique came to the ring and attacked Buzz and hit the restructured hip with a chair shot. He had to be taken from the ring by security. As of today we have no update on his condition.
Bill "Superstar" Dundee and Bonecrusher went against Hollywood Clique members EPW Tag Team champions Brody Hawk and Neil "The Real Deal" Taylor w/Hollywood Jimmy Blaylock. Dundee and Bone got the win by DQ when Allen Shepard and Nick Taylor came to the ring and attacked Dundee from behind.
The semi main event was between TNA gut check participant Allen Shepard, Nick Taylor, and Neil "The Real Neal" Taylor going against Bill "Superstar" Dundee, Bonecrusher, and Cassanova Kid. These two tag teams battled back and forth right up to the very end. In the end Dundee, Bone, & Kid got the pin fall.
The main event was between Mitch Toretta w/Zeppelin taking on Redneck Revolution member Chazz Stone. This was definitely a battle of the big boys. They battled blow for blow with the match going in the direction of Toretta when Stone's partner Nathan Aulridge came to ringside. His attempt to help his partner was in vain as he grabbed the wrong leg causing Toretta to get the 1 2 3.

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