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Bill "Superstar" Dundee to appear at UCW Union City, TN Sat Night Jan 4th

Bill "Superstar" Dundee is coming back to Union City, Saturday Night Jan 4th at 8pm. He is coming in to help his old friend, Sarge O'Riley, take down Dell "The King Of Darkness" Tucker and Houston Watson. Sarge was beat badly by these two and needs Mr.

Dundee to even up the odds. Come out to the UCW "Battle Zone" Saturday Night Jan 4th at 8pm to see how they plan on doing it. 308 South First St. Union City, TN.

Tickets are only $6 and children under five with paid adult get in for free. Military members also get free admission with proper ID.

Update Status on the condition of The Posse's, Simon Reed's eye injury

Report from the L.A.W. Wrestling

12/30/13 L.A.W.'s Simon Reed of the Posse still suffers from injury to the eye! 3 weekends ago Simon Reed suffered a brutal injury at the hands of Eric Wayne & Jason Rose. Simon overcame the injury of a hyphema (known as squashed eyeball) which was critical for 4 days and limited his eye sight due to patching of the eye. His abilities have been limited since then due to a minor and a major injury to the eye in response to the initial hyphema. He has a minor injury of a corneal abrasion and a major injury due to a laceration above the eye causing major Problems to the retina of the eye itself which is being closely overseen. As of now we dont know when Simon will be fully cleared of this but we want to wish Him back to good health! Simon's progress will be brought to you as this story develops! Thank You!

SPWA Ramer, TN results from Dec 28th and a big announcment for Jan 4th

Saturday December 28, 2013
The last show for the year and wow what a show it was, Fans really got their monies worth this week, If you were not there I feel sorry for you because this show was like none other. We had major match announcements all night long and we had a meltdown that we never saw coming. So lets get to all the action and results.
The night started off with:
1. Johnny Morton/J Dash vs Geno/Danny Daniels
This first match pitted our New Tag Team Champs on opposite sides of the ring..seems like these two still arent getting along but Morton and his new partner were doing great and showed it in the ring when they took the win and Morton took the belts telling Geno his new partner deserved the belt more than Geno did, and this got Geno hot and he took it out on Daniels telling him it was all his fault, if he wasnt such a failure!! Next thing we see is Tina Gant marching down that ramp and into the ring and telling Geno dont you ever tell MY son he's a failure, he is not a failure, I am the one who trained him night after night month after month and you will not talk to him like that, She said she was sick and tired of watching them treat her son like this week after week and then she just had a meltdown and quit her job as announcer telling them they better find someone to replace her because she was done. That's when I took the stage as I have now been made the new announcer and boy did that make her even more mad...telling me I looked like a man and even tried slapping me but I told her she better make it a good one cause it would be her last, then Daniel wants in on the action and gets in my face and I said backoff and he wouldnt so I Slapped him so hard I heard his head rattle, then they both backed off. She better slow her role with me, she dont want this red head on her.
2. The second match was the END OF THE YEAR BATTLE ROYAL----WINNER GETS 500.00
The last two standing were Gilbert and Geno and Geno went flying off the ropes right into Gilberts arms and he tossed him over the top rope to win the royal. I took him the winnings and Gilbert gave some of his winnings out to the crowd, he picked out 4 kids and gave them 10.00 apiece. A thoughtful Michael Gilbert...who would have ever guessed.
He then called Allen Stone to the ring and told him he was sorry about the match last week where he got handcuffed to the ring and left Allen alone in the ring and then they decided to call out Grady and Grymes and the rest of the troll crew. A Challenge for a match that night was issued by Gilber but wasnt answered by Grady. Gilbert told the crybabies to get to stepping...he told them he brought them in and he will take them out!!
3, BB vs Camille vs Jade Womens Title on the line
Now this was one great match, all these women wanted that belt and you could tell it. I have never seem three women go at each other any harder than these three did. There were some great moves, painful submission moves and on and on. But in the end BB came out the winner and the new Champion!!
Jade took this chance to get some more cheap shots in on BB and again this week nailed her in the head with a chair, drawing blood once more.
After this match BB came back out and announced next week her and Jade would be having a "Fans bring a weapon" match she said she was tired of having her blood spilled every week and next week Jade would be laying in her own blood.
4. Knockout Kid vs Gordy
This was a great match between these two crowd favorites and they both brought their A game and showed the fans some great high flying moves and some great submission moves but in the end experience won out and so did Kid!!
5. Triple J vs John Hardin
This match barley got underway when Grady and Grymes and his trolls came out and jumped both of them doing a real beat down, then Grady took the mic and called Gilbert and Allen to the stage telling them here is your answer to your challenge.
6. AC vs Alex/John Daniels
This week Alex brought some back up with him because he said he was tired of all the cheating going on in these matches and he was tired of being screwed over. Well he also said he wanted Kris handcuffed to the ring and she said only if Diana is too so they both agreed and were handcuffed to the ring but that old man Harold still walking free we knew what was gonna happen. But Alex got in that ring and he took it to AC you could see all the past weeks frustrations coming out in punches and throwing him around the ring. They were going at each other fair and square for once when the lovely Diana broke loose from her handcuffs and stole that Kendo stick from paw paw and nailed him with it, and while Kris was distracted arguing with a fan she snuck up on her and wore her out with that stick.In the end the match was declared a DQ because AC got a chair a laid Alex out with it.
After this match Alex came back out and made the announcement that next weekend they too would have a cage match with NO interferance and this time AC would be the one carried out.
7. Allen/Gilbert vs Cyrus/Chazz
Now you can only imagine how this match started off. Grymes was at ringside and so was Grady and the other minon's and it started strong and ended just as heated as when it started. Gilbert started the match and you could tell he wanted revenge and Allen felt the same way and these guys went move for move hit for hit and it was on...in the end Cyrus was going to hit Michael with his belt but missed and Chazz took a run a Gilbert only to be shown the Spinebuster!! then the count of 1,2,3.
If you never come to see any other show you really need to make sure you are there on January the 4th this is gonna be an OUT OF THIS WORLD SHOW!!!!! 2 cage matches, a grudge match with the Womens Champion and our Tag Team Champs going at each other in a winner takes all with the belts! Wow who needs fireworks when you have this show coming up.
Be there you will not be disappointed and you will leave wanting more.
Happy New Year From All of us here at SPWA Wrestling!!

Results complimentary of Rena Carnagey

Announced for Jan 4th 2014:

The main event is one you cannot miss!! Its Gilbert vs Grymes w/Grady in a cage ...and the referee is going to be Allen Stone...Allen and Gilbert have formed a real bond these last few weeks. With all the heat with Gilbert and Grymes these past weeks I am telling you there is gonna be blood shed in this match. You Will Want To Be There!!!


Monday, December 30, 2013

Refereeing 101 with Jimmy Korderas! Now Available on DVD!

"Refereeing 101 with Jimmy Korderas! Now Available on DVD!

Order now at:


The professional wrestling referee is sometimes a lost or
overlooked art in our industry. However, a  referee can
make a good match unwatchable or make an ok match great
based on how much they know of what to do, when, why, and

Now, in a very rare opportunity, legendary WWE referee Jimmy
Korderas will open up about the ins and outs, rights and
wrongs, subtleties and nuances of being a professional
wrestling referee. Jimmy' WWE career spans 22 years and
thousands of marquee matches viewed by millions of people.
From officiating WWF Live Events in the Ontario region to
the main event of WrestleMania, and everywhere in between,
Korderas has seen, experienced, and taken part in it all.

We'll sit Jimmy down for an in-depth interview before
heading into the ring with Jimmy & seven of independent
wrestling's finest zebras under the learning tree. Jimmy
will discuss what he feels are the do's and don'ts of the
art of officiating, talk about his beginnings and some very
entertaining stories along the way, and explain the true job
and importance of a credible official and the psychology
behind it. He'll cover working with talent, dealing with
injuries & mistakes, how to get hired, and many
important parts of the job most may take for granted! If you
ever wondered what that referee is really doing in the ring,
or thought about donning the stripes yourself, get ready to
go to class and learn Refereeing 101!

Featuring: Paul London!

Bonus Matches (with Jimmy Korderas as referee!)

Zach Gowen & Gregory Iron vs. Marion Fontaine &
Jeremy Madrox (PRIME, 10/20/13)
Dalton Castle vs. Dennis Gregory (IWC, 10/19/13)

Order now at:


NWA Smoky Mountain & Beyond Wrestling "Road to the Cup Series" 1-4 in Kingsport, TN

On Saturday, January 4 at the Kingsport, TN at the Civic Auditorium, NWA Smoky Mountain and Beyond Wrestling present the “Road to the Cup Series” at 4:00 PM.

Wrestlers from all over the country and many local favorites will compete in matches that will be taped and posted on Beyond Wrestling's popular YouTube Channel! A fan voting will take place after the videos are posted on January 20... The MVP of the taping will earn a spot in the NWA Smoky Mountain Cup!

Originally we had planned to have these matches closed to the public… But due to popular demand we have decided to open up a limited number of seats to our great fans. Tickets will be available on the day of the event for just $8… However, we have just released VIP Tickets that include Front Row Admission to the House Party 2014 event later that night at 8:00 PM and the Beyond Wrestling Taping at 4:00 PM for just $18.00 (Savings of $7). These tickets are available at: http://houseparty2014.brownpapertickets.com/

What is unique about the matches at this event is that the all the other wrestlers on the taping will be at ringside during the matches supporting each other. Not only will the wrestlers in the ring be trying to impress the fans, but their peers as well!

Here are some of the matches already signed:

Re-Match from Christmas Night
NWA World Junior Heavyweight Champion, Chase Owens
Stars of Wrestling’s High Flying Sensation, Michael Starr

Battle of the West Virginians
NWA Smoky Mountain Champion, Jason Kincaid
“Mr. E-Lit-Tricity” Billy Lit

Tag Team Action
Air America (Gavin Daring & Skylar Kruze)
Team IOU (Nick Iggy & Kerry Awful)

Road to the Cup Series Challenge
CHIKARA Star, Sugar Dunkerton
“Notorious” Nick Hammonds

2 of East Tennessee’s Best
“Bad Boy” Shane Andrews
“Mr. Everybody Knows” Shawn Shultz

Ladies Match
Jessie Belle Smothers
Devyn Nicole

SOW Stars Collide
Alex Pain Stratton
Axton Ray

Plus Matches featuring
NWA Mountain Empire Champion, Sigmon
NWA Southern TV Champion, Jeff Connelly
“The Reaper” Matt Conard
Jimmy Nutts
Will Huckaby & Shawn Adams
“The Black Cloud” Joe Black
Raphael King
Derek Neal
“The Boy Wonder” Elliott Russell
“Mad Dog” Daniel Mulligan
& More

Ticket Information
All Seats just $8
Doors Open at 3:30 PM

For more information visit NWA Smoky Mountain at www.NWASmokyMountain.com or Beyond Wrestling at www.YouTube.com/beyondwrestling!


EPW Wrestling will be returning to action this Saturday, January 4th at 8:oo P.M. I received word today that a "HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT" will be made this Saturday night that will make a major impact on EPW in 2014. My sources say this is can't miss info. I myself can't wait to find out the scoop. Also the bounty on Bill "Superstar" Dundee is still on the table as Kross failed to collect it in the first blood match on December 21st. We also can expect Brody Hawk and Neil "the Real Deal" Taylor to come back with a vengeance to try to recapture their tag belts from the new champs in the team of Dangerous Davis Cox and BJ Fuller. What will be the outcome with Bonecrusher and Cassanova Kid and The Redneck Revolution and Smooth after they were forced to wear tutus? Only one way to find out ..... BE THERE.... SAME NIGHT.... SAME PLACE.... SAME TIME..... IT HAS DEFINATELY BEEN PROVEN YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT WILL HAPPEN OR WHO WILL SHOW UP AT EPW


The opening match of the night was between Hollywood Clique members and EPW Tag Team Champs Brody Hawk and Neil "The Real Deal" Taylor taking on Dangerous David Cox and BJ Fuller. This one was going all the champs way when all of a sudden a slip up by Referee Joey Lynn helped to crown new champs. Needless to say the team of Hawk and Taylor were none to happy about losing the belts but better yet what will Hollywood Jimmy Blaylock have to say.
This match was one the fans had been waiting for. To see which team would wear a diaper or a tutu between Bonecrusher and Cassanova Kid taking on The Redneck Revolution Chazz Stone and Nathan Aulridge w/Smooth. This one was high action impact all the way from start to finish...... but in the end Bone & Kid prevailed and got the 1 2 3. The crowd went wild as the three opened beautifully wrapped gifts and brought out the cutest tutus. Bone reveled new names for each of the three as they put them on. The Redneck Revolution and Smooth were not happy campers at all but they were to fashionable to say the LEAST !!!
Brody Hawk and Neil "The Real Deal" Taylor came back to the ring and expressed their thoughts on with losing their tag belts. Hawk called Edith Poole to the ring and informed her that they would be using their rematch clause on January 4th against the new tag champs BJ Fuller and Dangerous David Cox.
The main event was a much anticipated first blood match between Superstar Bill Dundee and Kross with his tag partner JR Mauler at ringside. This one was non stop action from the bell outside and inside of the ring. Smooth came to ringside and took the padding off the turn buckle leaving the metal exposed. Mauler asked him what he was doing and he replied that Hollywood asked him to come out and help. In the end it backfired because Dundee slammed Kross's head into the metal busting him wide open therefore giving Dundee the win. This one is far from over I'm sure.