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UCW Union City, TN Nov 23rd Results From The "Battle Zone"

UCW has been on fire in the recent weeks Saturday night Nov 23rd was no different. The Night was full of twists, turns, and revelations...  The crowd was ready for whatever may come. And to be honest so was I. There was a electricity in the air when I walked in the building and I knew something was about to happen. Now on to the matches...

Match-1 A three way dance for the UCW Tag Team Championship. The Champions "The Hooligans" Vs "The Dirty Lil Gang" Vs "The Sons of the South" This match was a culmination of the past weeks where all three teams have battled each other separately with various outcomes. Tonight was a match set by Commissioner Lloyd Moore to settle the scores between the teams. The match was hard to call as the tags were frequent and the matchups were not long standing. The teams battled from pillar to post inside and outside of the ring. The size difference between the teams was very rarely noticeable and none of them showed signs of quitting. The Hooligans were able to execute their finish maneuver on Bones of "The Dirty Lil Gang". But this was interrupted and J.P. and B.B. of the SOS took control and came out with the Tag Team Championships! New Tag Team Champions The Sons of the South.

Match- 2 This match was supposed to be an NRG grudge match between Ricky Andrews and "Mr Everything" Anton Leveigh. Anton was severely sick on this evening, but there is a third former NRG member that came in as a surprise replacement. T.J. Oriley was announced. This match was a wrestling classic. The two men were evenly matched but Ricky Andrews is a master of submission. T.J. fought the good fight, but was actually outnumbered as Ricky had been accompanied by Jay Moore and Ms. Jessica. These two took every advantage to strike at T.J. when the referee was distracted. Even though T.J. was on top of the match, he got distracted by Jessica. Ricky took this advantage to strike with a low blow, Ricky then tied T.J. up in a submission maneuver. T.J. had no choice but to tap out to escape permanent injury. Ricky Andrews declared the winner.

Match-3 Jon Hall Vs "Sexy" Sarge O'riley. Jon Hall has been trying to climb the ranks of UCW and thought a challenge to "Sexy" Sarge would put his name on top of the list. Unfortunately for Jon, Sarge is no pushover and took this time to show Jon a thing or two. Don't get me wrong, Jon put on a good fight, but he was just not ready to take Sarge down. The match was going back and fourth when Jay Moore appeared out of no where. If you are just getting to know about UCW Jay Moore is Sarge's former manager and the two have parted ways. Jay has been on a mission to put Sarge out of the wrestling business.  Shortly after Jay made his appearance on the entrance ramp he was shouting for someone to come out into the arena. Out came a Mountain of a man. I have seen big athlete's in this sport, but a lot of them do not compare to this Behemoth. This man stood nearly 7 feet tall and appeared to weigh close to 400 pounds, and it was mostly muscle. For reasons only known to Jay Moore, this man entered the ring and confronted Sarge. The look on Sarges face was that of disbelief. The Big man then struck. He took Sarge down with a massive power bomb. Sarge was taken from the ring by a group of wrestlers that came to assist. The Big man begged them all to come into the ring. At this time Jay Moore introduced the Big man as "THE" Boss! This name has never fit someone so well. After Sarge gained his wits the two began to yell at one another. A special match was set up for next week for a confrontation to occur between the two. More on this at a later time.

Match-4 Triple threat match for the number one contender to the US Title. Chris "Bad Boy" Bradley Vs Zach O'Brien Vs Henry Leo. This was set to be an exciting match as the three men are young and known for high velocity in the ring. Chris Bradley tried to out think the two younger wrestlers, by staying outside the ring allowing the two to tire themselves out. This only worked for a short time as the two young men goaded Chris into the ring and all three began to battle. As with all triple threat matches, they are hard to keep up with due to so much action going on. The three threw move for move at each other, from mat wrestling to high flying kicks.  It was not until Zach O'Brien hit his Sour Face Silencer on Henry Leo that the match was over. Zach O'Brien came out of this match as the new #1 contender to the US Title.

Match-5 The US Title match. Champion " Southern Perfection" Gaylon Ray W/ Jay Moore Vs Miracle Matthews. When these two face each other you know you are in for a great match. Gaylon's manager Jay Moore told everyone this was Matthew's last chance at the US Title as the two have been involved in a feud since Gaylon won the championship from Matthew's. The two are mat technicians as well as high fliers. I wish I could explain how great of a match this was by showing it to you, but my short description in words will unfortunately have to do. Gaylon was the first to take control of the match with a series of arm bars, trying to gain a quick submission. Matthew's is not one known to quit and he did not tonight. He was able to recover and began to work on Gaylon's neck. This did not last to long as Gaylon began to fight with Matthew's. It was not until one high flying mistake by Matthew's that Gaylon was finally able to take the match. Matthew's climbed to the top rope and did not realize Jay Moore was standing beneath him. As Matthews got ready to leap, Jay jumped up to the mat and pushed Matthew's feet. Matthew's fell and Gaylon was able to go in for the kill. Gaylon Hit Matthews with a power bomb for the win.

Match-6 UCW Heavyweight Title on the line. The match was supposed to be Big Red w/ Jay Moore Facing Champion Houston. This was changed at the beginning of the night due to Jay Moore turning all of his attention to Dell " The King Of Darkness" Tucker, and away from Big Red. Red felt the lack of respect and told Jay Moore he was done. Jay Moore took this advantage to put Dell Tucker in Red's place. Dell Tucker is devious enough on his own, You add Jay Moore to the Mix and you have got nothing but trouble in the future of their opponent. Houston is a young charismatic Champion with a set of high flying abilities usually only used by much smaller men. These two have faced each other in the past, and tonight can only be described as a war. Neither men were convinced the other would win. Jay Moore made his presence known on multiple occasions not only distracting the referee for Dell's advantage, but also Houston to give Dell the advantage. Dell and Houston each pulled out all stops to defeat the other, Houston was finally able to pull out the win after an impressive kick to Dell's face. Houston is still UCW Champion.

Folks if you miss a night of UCW action, you are at a loss. UCW is one of the best Wrestling Companies in the Mid-South and each and every week there is something that surprises me. They have an event every Saturday night at  8pm. They are located at 308 South First St. Union City, Tn. Come out and give them a look. You will not be disappointed.

Derrick O'Dell
Wrestling News Center

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