Tuesday, November 26, 2013

TFW Results From Skyline Ms.

TFW 11-23-13
Mr. Anarchy went over on Brody Jay by interference from an unknown superstar. 

Kade Allen ran in for the save.Dangerous David Cox beat Midnight Rider and Ricky Bobby after Cox delivered one of his famous vicious clotheslines.

The Irish Mafia cheated their way to victory over the Bayou Boys after Charm hit Lance Boudreaux with a chain. After the match a wild brawl ensued.

Kade Allen defeated Jerry Adams in a TLC match when Allen did a frog splash onto Adams through a table off of a ladder.

Charm defeated Lacy Lane for the TFW Heavyweight Title with alot of help from his fellow Irish Mafia members.

In other TFW news Amy Love's appearence was rudely interupted by Rainbow of the Irish Mafia.

Thank you to all the great TFW fans. We are looking forward to seeing all of the TFW Fans everyday saturday night in Tupelo (Skyline) at the Lee Center.

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