Sunday, November 10, 2013

SPWA Championship Wrestling Results for Saturday, November 9, 2013

1. Danger vs Donnie Brown vs Triple J (Triple Threat)
-Danger entered the ring first to the chorus of boos, Donnie Brown entered next with a few cheers, and Triple J, being the last man in, seemed to be the crowd favorite. This match began with Triple j and Donnie Brown teaming up against Danger. The tide quickly changed when Triple J turned his attention on Donnie Brown. It had seemed there would have been a victor, but out of nowhere, Michael Gilbert and Nick Grymes, accompanied by Grady Watson and SPWA Women's Champion Jade, swiftly made their way to the ring and viciously attacked the three competitors. Michael then announced that this would be the fate Allen Stone would have to face later on in the night.

2. Cyrus Stone vs CT Jordan
-This match was all about strength versus speed. Cyrus Stone quickly used his power to assure his dominance over his opponent. CT Jordan used his speed to slow down Cyrus Stone. The fury did not last long as Cyrus Stone regained control to the dismay of the fans. CT Jordan fought back as he had the crowd behind him, hitting a super kick to Cyrus Stone. As CT Jordan was preparing for a win, Cyrus came back with a modified choke slam to end the match.

3. Law Dog Bill and Knockout Kidd w/ Camile and K.D. Kraze vs John Daniels and Matt Gordy
-Law Dog Bill and John Daniels started this match with Law Dog Bill's experience shining through. John Daniels and Matt Gordy fought valiantly, but to no avail as Law Dog Bill and Knockout Kidd were too much. Knockout Kidd scored the pin fall after a devastating bulldog on John Daniels. Experience was key as it showed John Daniels and Matt Gordy had a long road ahead.

4.AC Styles and Kris Styles w/ Harold vs Alex Stone and Diana Taylor
-This match was heated from the moment they stepped into the ring. This match started with AC Styles focusing on Alex Stone's arm. A quick tag to Kris Styles and Diana Taylor resulted in an all out cat fight. No love loss between either of these opponents. Kris Styles obtained the upper hand, but had tagged out to allow Ac Styles and Alex Stone continue their rampage. AC Styles threw everything he could at Alex Stone, but could not keep him down. Interference from the Dirty Dictator, Harold, and help from a chain, put AC and Kris Styles as the victors.

Feature Match:
5. SPWA Global Champion Allen Stone w/ Lavon Stone vs
Michael Gilbert w/ Grady Watson and Jade
-This match began with Michael Gilbert attempting to gain the upper hand by attacking Allen Stone as he came down the ramp. To the delight of the SPWA fans, neither Allen or Lavon Stone would take that attempt seriously as the father and son duo traded shots on Michael Gilbert. As the battle continued to the ring with Allen Stone still in control, it seemed as if this would be his night. The roles quickly changed as Grady Watson interfered. As Allen Stone turned his attention to Grady Watson, Michael Gilbert took the opportunity to gain control over the champion. After a missed top rope leg drop by Michael Gilbert, and with the crowd fully behind Allen Stone, it looked as though Michael Gilbert would be on the losing end. Moments after, Grady Watson slipped Allen Stone's Global title to Michael Gilbert unbeknownst to Allen Stone and the referee. As Allen Stone chased Grady Watson and Jade to the back, Michael Gilbert was preparing himself. While Grady Watson distracted the referee, Allen Stone made his way back to the ring and was greeted unkindly by a belt shot from Michael Gilbert. Grady Watson turned the referee back onto the match,
resulting in a pin fall for Michael Gilbert. Allen Stone was assisted to the back by the help of SPWA Security.

Semi-Main Event:
6. SPWA Tag Team Champions Nathan Aulridge and Chazz Stone w/ Brook Lynn vs BoneCrusher and Cassanova Kid w/ K.D. Kraze
-This match has been brewing for weeks now. The Tag Team Championship belts were on the line. BoneCrusher and Nathan Aulridge started the match with a series of moves.
BoneCrusher obtained the advantage by grabbing Nathan Aulridge's ears and throwing him across the ring. BoneCrusher tagged fan favorite Cassanova Kid in while Nathan Aulridge composed himself in order to take control with his usual dirty tactics. Nathan Aulridge and Chazz Stone exchanged quick tags to ensure that Cassanova kid would not better them. BoneCrusher was forced to gaze upon the onslaught of Nathan Aulridge and Chazz Stone to Cassanova Kid. A variety of tag team and cheat moves kept Cassanova Kid grounded until a jawbreaker turned the tables. As BoneCrusher took Nathan Aulridge to the outside, a distraction from K.D. Kraze and a devastating top rope
neckbreaker from Cassanova Kid ended Chazz Stone and Nathan Aulridge's reign as Tag Team Champions.

SPWA's new Tag Team Champions: BoneCrusher and Cassanova Kid!!!!

Main Event:
7. Nick Grymes w/ Michael Gilbert and Grady Watson vs SPWA Heavyweight Champion Lonnie Brown
-After a challenge made earlier in the night, Nick Grymes got his shot at the SPWA Heavyweight Championship against Lonnie Brown. The battle ensued as soon as Lonnie Brown made it in the ring. Lonnie Brown unleashed a barrage of punches and forearms on an unsuspecting Nick Grymes. They got the crowd fired up and Nick Grymes barreled out of the ring to consult with Michael Gilbert and Grady Watson. Lonnie Brown fought his heart out, but unfortunately, it wasn't enough to fend off Nick Grymes, Michael Gilbert, and Grady Watson. Lonnie Brown used everything he had, including a huge top rope dropkick, nearly getting him the win. After the referee had been knocked out after Nick Grymes had pulled him between Lonnie Brown and himself, Michael Gilbert slid into the ring and delivered a catastrophic spine-buster to give Nick Grymes the pin and conclude Lonnie Brown's rule as the SPWA Heavyweight Champion.

SPWA's new Heavyweight Champion: Nick Grymes!!!!

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