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SPW: Southern Premire Wrestling results from Nov 16th Selmer Tn.

Southern Premier Wrestling

Southern Premier Wrestling
SPW 31: Under Pressure
November 16, 2013
Selmer, TN
National Guard Armory

The show opened with Memphis Wrestling Legend, Downtown Bruno making his way to the ringside area. Bruno informed the crowd the he would be the special guest referee for the main event between Rickey Smith and “Dangerous” Dan Matthews to determine the #1 Contender to the SPW Heavyweight Championship. This announcement brought out “Dangerous” Dan Matthews, who questioned Bruno’s ability to be an impartial referee. To see just what kind of referee Downtown Bruno would be, Matthews issued an open challenge to anyone in the locker room for a match to take place right now, leading to…

Match 1: Cory Daniels defeated “Dangerous” Dan Matthews with a schoolboy pin, and a fast count by referee Downtown Bruno.

Match 2: “Matty Ice” Matt Taylor defeated “Lethal” Steven Davis, rolling him up after ducking a clothesline attempt by Davis.

Before the next match took place, Anita Paige made her way to ringside and called out Katelynn Pryde, hoping to get her hands on Pryde over her actions the last few weeks. Pryde made her way through the curtain and informed Paige that neither Michael Ward nor Zed Gecko was in attendance tonight, so there was just no way that a match was going to be signed for this evening. Paige responded by telling Pryde that she never asked for a match, she wanted a fight, before chasing Pryde from ringside and into the locker room area.

Match 3: Austin Carrier defeated “Big” Mic Vicious via pinfall after connecting with his “Tornado Alley” spinning sidewalk slam.

Match 4: SPW West Tennessee Championship Match-Fleur de Lethal defeated SPW West Tennessee Champion, “The M.O.E.” Stegall w/”Selmer Sweetheart” Brandi Blake, via disqualification, when referee Downtown Bruno saw Brandi trip Fleur de Lethal. As a result of the disqualification, Moe Stegall retained the SPW West Tennessee Championship.

Match 5: SPW Heavyweight Championship Match-Christian Shane defeated SPW Heavyweight Champion, “Psycho Butcher” Andrew Palmer, via disqualification. Closing moments of this match saw referee Scott Stevens get struck by the competitors. While Stevens was down, Christian Shane grabbed his SPW Tag Team Championship belt and attempted to hit Andrew Palmer. Palmer ducked this attempt, took the championship belt, and clocked Shane with the belt; just as referee Stevens returned to his feet and saw this take place. Since a championship cannot change hands via disqualification, Andrew Palmer retained the SPW Heavyweight Championship.

Match 6: #1 Contenders Match for the SPW Heavyweight Championship-“Dangerous” Dan Matthews defeated “Lone Wolf” Rickey Smith via pinfall with a rollup, and a fast count by guest referee Downtown Bruno. Closing moments of this match saw Smith connect with a springboard moonsault, only for referee Downtown Bruno to “injure” his hand during the pinfall. Smith then went to the top rope and connected with his patented 450 splash onto Matthews and went for the cover. Downtown Bruno counted to two, before getting up and refusing to make the three count. As Smith argued with Bruno about what was happening, Matthews recovered and rolled up Smith for Bruno to make the quick count.

After the match, while Smith was confronting Bruno about his actions, Moe Stegall attacked Smith. This led to Andrew Palmer coming to the ring to make the save, only to also be attacked by Dan Matthews. Matthews and Stegall proceeded to hit both Palmer and Smith with their double team sideslam/neckbreaker combo, before posing over both men with the SPW Heavyweight and SPW West Tennessee Championship belts to close out the show.
Results Courtesy of SPW Wrestling Facebook. 

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