Monday, November 25, 2013

SPW, Selmer, TN results from Nov 23rd


Southern Premier Wrestling
SPW 32: Feast of Champions
November 23, 2013
Selmer, TN
Selmer Community Center

Match 1: SPW West Tennessee Championship Match (Four Way Elimination)-“Lethal” Steven Davis defeated Fleur de Lethal, “Lone Wolf” Rickey Smith, and reigning SPW West Tennessee Champion “The M.O.E.” Moe Stegall w/”Selmer Sweetheart” Brandi Blake to become the new SPW West Tennessee ...Champion.
Order of Elimination: Fleur de Lethal (by Rickey Smith)
Rickey Smith (by Moe Stegall)
Moe Stegall (by Steven Davis)

Match 2: Shawn Reed defeated Austin Carrier via submission with an inverted guillotine choke.

After the match, Reed continued his assault on Carrier, resulting in Rickey Smith coming to the defense of Carrier. Smith challenged Reed to a one-on-one contest for next week.

Match 3: “Matty Ice” Matt Taylor defeated “Big” Mic Vicious with a rollup after Vicious missed a corner splash.

After the match, Vicious attacked Taylor and threw him back in the ring, where he connected with a vicious Samoan Drop breaker. Moe Stegall then came to the ring and assaulted Taylor, blaming him for his SPW West Tennessee Championship loss earlier in the night. He challenged Taylor to an “I QUIT” match for next week.

Before the next match got underway, Katelynn Pryde and Michael Ward made their way to the ring. Ward informed the crowd that he had been contacted by the SPW Board of Directors and that although, Paris Kelly was unable to appear on tonight’s show, the board had found a suitable replacement and that a ladies match would take place. This brought out Anita Paige, who took credit for calling the SPW Board of Directors and for calling Katelynn’s new opponent. Paige wished Pryde good luck as her new opponent’s music began to play, leading to…

Match 4: Destiny defeated Katelynn Pryde w/Michael Ward via pinfall after a facebuster. Closing moments of this match saw Katelynn Pryde and Michael Ward attempt to leave the ringside area through the back door, only to be stopped by Anita Paige. As Paige and Ward exchanged words, Destiny snuck up behind Pryde, threw her back in the ring, and hit her finisher for the victory.

Match 5: “Dangerous” Dan Matthews and “Magnificent” Reno Diamond defeated Cory Daniels and SPW Heavyweight Champion “Psycho Butcher” Andrew Palmer when Diamond pinned Daniels after a jumping Flatliner.
Results were obtained from The SPW Facebook Page Credit to Kelly Blankenship.

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