Monday, November 11, 2013


Buckwild Bill defeated Rockin' Randy via pinfall
Dalton Diamond defeated El En Fuego #6 via pinfall with Flatlinter
"Dynamite" Seth Knight defeated "Zesty" Zakk Sawyers via pinfall  with Sour Face Silencer
"3G" Eric Hayes defeated "Farmer" Billy Hills via pinfall with School Boy Pin
Greg Anthony/Jason Rage defeated State of Shock via pinfall to retain Tag Team Titles
A lot of new faces on this week's card for Pro Wrestling Elite and Zakk Sawyers was one of them. Seth Knight has been on a roll in recent weeks and had a lot of steam coming into this contest. Both men fight tooth and nail. "Zesty" Zakk, as his is called, showed a lot of promise in this match but in the end it was Seth Knight with the Sour Face Silencer that quieted the Union City crowd before a barrage of "booos" and jeers. "Dynamite" seems to be a run away train right now, not sure if anyone is going to be able to stop him.
Eric Wayne says he is first class, second to none, third generation wrestling superstar and just one week after his PWE return and loss to Jon Michael he had even more to say. Eric pointed out that when the referee was down during that match, he had Jon Michael down for the count (he forgot to mention that he hit Jon with the championship belt in the process). "3G" says that his mission is to dethrone Jon Michael as Unified Heavyweight Champion by any means necessary.
Eric faced one of PWE's most popular superstars "Farmer" Billy Hills in what can best be described as a spirited contest. I very contrast in style as Billy's size and natural strength kept Eric Wayne guessing. In the end, Eric found a way to win with an assist from the second rope.
In the main event, a week after The Golden Boy and Jason Rage regained the tag team titles they were forced by PWE management to forgo the 30 Day Title Defense Clause and give State of Shock their tag title rematch. Greg Anthony was visibly still hurt from the dozen lashes to the shoulders, back and buttock he took with leather straps the week prior. He was even wearing a t-shirt under his singlet for protection. While Anthony/Rage had the upper hand a miscommunication saw Moe Stegall knock his partner Dan Matthews, accidently, off the apron. This miscue seemed to infuriate Dan has he started walk to the locker room but  when he heard the fans cheering for the M..O...E to make it to his feet, Dan made his way back to the corner and awaited the tag. As Moe, on his feet, lunged to make the tag Dan sucker punched Moe and then stood stone faced as Officer Jason Rage gave Moe an F-5 and pinned him to retain the tag team titles.    
After the match, Dan gave Moe two huge spinebusters then locked in The Tennessee Cloverleaf as Moe tapped uncontrollably. Dan grabbed the mic and said that he carried Moe for 3 months actually more like 3 years. He was the reason they were tag team champions but these people insisted chanting M...O...E! Where were the D...A...N chants, he asked? Or even the S.. O... S chants? Dan told him that if he sees Moe on the sidewalk then he better run not walk in the opposite direction, with that Dan went to the back. As officials helped Moe up the ramp, Dan appeared again slamming Moe on the ramp and putting him back in the Tennessee Cloverleaf. Moe screamed and tapped. The destruction of State of Shock left PWE fans very angry. Only time will tell where this will lead.
Everyone at PWE would like to wish you a Happy Veterans' Day and remind everyone the Veterans with the proper ID get in free not just this Friday but every Friday. We wish to celebrate you and your efforts all year long. Thank you and God Bless.

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