Monday, November 25, 2013


Devyn Nicole defeated Jordynne Grace via pinfall after she was pushed off the top rope.
"The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony and Officer Jason Rage retained PWE Tag Team titles by defeating The Show Me Squad (AJ Williams/Wolf Wilder) via pinfall when Rage used Nightstick illegally behind referee's back.
"3G" Eric Wayne defeated Raphael King via pinfall when Eric rolled through crossbody for pin.
"Dynamite" Seth Knight defeated Brandon Espinosa via pinfall after Sour Face Silencer
PWE Unified Champion Jon Michael defeated Chris Hayes in a Non Title Contest via Pinfall.
In The Elite Lades Match we saw two of the most sought after women in pro wrestling right now go toe to toe, one on one for the very first time. Even though they are beautiful, don't let their beauty fool you.. they are vicious competitors. Jordynne Grace attempted a superplex but Devyn pushed her off the rope and Jordynne crashed and burned which allowed Ms. Nicole to get the 3 count.
After the tag team champions won their match (illegally) they attacked their opponents after the bell. Officer Jason Rage delivered an F5 to Wilder then they both held up Williams for their manager "Showtime" Daniel Thomas to get in a cheap right hand. As they were celebrating their handy work, Alvin Minnick informed them that next week at Thanksgiving Throwback they would defending their tag team titles against "Farmer" Billy Hills and Bushwhacker Luke!
As reported early this week on the PWE Facebook page, Seth Knight has been named the #1 Contender to the Unified Championship. Seth Knight continued his winning ways against one of the best in the Mid West, Brandon Espinosa. After the match, Seth Knight bragged about how nobody can stop the roll he is on and that he will be the new Unified Champion next week. Jon Michael came out and said that even though Seth has been winning without cheating over the last 2 months that when Seth's back is against a wall he will always take the shortcut just like he has his whole life. But just to make sure, PWE has decided to make Jason Peevyhouse the official referee for this title contest. It was Seth's constant cheating that made Peevyhouse step down from the announcer's table and become an PWE Offical. Seth Knight has not won a single match in which Peevyhouse has been the referee.


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