Sunday, November 17, 2013

Mama says it be's that way sometimes, by Downtown Bruno

Hey, here's a few random thoughts (with apologies to my good friend Jim Ross for stealing his idea!!!)
*the web-site is sooo much better without the message board,isnt it?nobody putting down vixen and the rest anymore.shes a nice,intelligent young lady who did not deserve the constant negativity,period.
*the Memphis power wrestling event in tunica was by far the most fun ive had in years,and im sure the fans felt the same the way...whipping Hollywood jimmys butt made it all that much better for me!!!   :)
*this is off topic,but am I the only one who thinks taylor swift is FARRRRR over-rated and frankly,all her songs sound the same?
*also,am I the only one who thinks axeman should post his thoughts a lot more regularly? every time he puts a column up,i find it thought provoking,interesting,and usually far too far and in between....ditto for Jason the brain and sure a lot of others feel the same way,boys!
*take this for what its worth and look in the some f'n gear know who you are.
*maybe I drink and cuss and act like a fool sometimes,and sometimes I say and post and write things that upset some people,but at least I get some people to think and maybe even examine what im saying....I don't know everything and I don't claim to,but ive been doing this for a living for 34 plus years..i must know something!
*I have nothing against anton ,but being named after a devil worshipper is nothing to be proud of.i don't even know the young man,and he may be a great guy,but I cant ever get past the devil too busy trying to reserve my room in heaven.i know my mama will have a mansion there,i just hope I can get a one bedroom....and that they have chicken wings and beer.
*big dave...we've never met as far as I can remember,but I enjoyed your 10 questions with d.o.d. I hope we get to work together one day.
*off topic strong!!!! im so sick of everybody in Memphis pulling for st.louis,who doesn't give a **** about us here in the mid-south...good job, instead of the bombings,the city of boston is known as the city of champions...and the city that FINALLY convicted the boss of bosses,whitey bulger.

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Derrick ODell said...

Thank you for the Nod Bruno.. Big Dave is a great guy. Anton is also a great guy and to let you know he is a remarkable teacher to the younger Guys. Witness it every Saturday with my own eyes. Just thought you would like to know. Come on up to UCW in Union City and meet the boys they are an awesome group.