Thursday, November 21, 2013

Just my thoughts on North West Tennesse Independent Wrestling today.

I grew up watching Memphis Wrestling. Every Saturday I was glued to the TV watching my favorites. Around this time the Territories were fully operational and the WWF at the time was starting to close it's grip on the territory promoters. You have all heard the tails and the scandals that have come to light over these matters.

Well, here we are today. People are in an uproar in what you could call the North West Tennessee territory. The promoters grips are trying to tighten on a fan base instead of there lively hood as it was in the mid 80's. This area has four wrestling organizations in a 30 mile radius. I can not say which one I like more, that is not what is important to this story. I am an outsider looking in to the company's, if you will. I sit back and observe. I see things I agree with, I see things that I don't. I am not saying I am right or wrong, one way or the other. I know that wrestling is and has always been considered a brotherhood. I am learning the fraternal nature all over again as I travel around. I am disheartened at what I am seeing some of my "brothers" doing.

There is petty bickering and arguing over who has the best event, or who has control over what is being produced. This bickering has separated friends of many years and poisoned the pool of wrestling talent. This "poison" has spilled over to the Wrestlers, who are now being forced to decide who to take sides with, so that they do not lose an opportunity to work in the area. This is not a school yard and you are not picking who is the coolest or which lunch table you are or are not going to sit at. This is a competitive sport, which brings along with it competition. Hence more Organizations opening and more people trying to get their fingers in the pie of ticket sales. That is what opening an event does. You do not go out there to be a failure. If so, you are not someone that needs to be running a business.

FaceBook is abuzz with people putting one another down. This is not good business either. It shows that you are falling into a trap, that will at some point cost you. Whether it be your business, your friends and if it really gets bad, your freedom. That is what I see this coming to if things do not change. The tension will build up and a spark will ignite that will cause an "explosion". It is not good business to air your dirty laundry with someone else's business or talent. If you truly want to be successful, you need to put your head down and come up with your own ideas and make the best possible event with everything you got. Company's grow with team work, not back biting and sour grapes.

The idea of a wrestling company in this area telling a wrestler, you can work here, but not there is also a strong arm technique being used. If there is a legitimate reason that a promoter tells someone to steer clear, as in poor conditions,  or welfare reasons, I can understand that. This is someone looking out for another. This is good business. If you want exclusive talent, use your funds to make them exclusive not pressure of being "blackballed" or underused, if they work for someone else. This is bad business. I have seen both styles used by the area companies. I agree with those that do the looking out for the boys safety as well as their finances.

As much as we all call ourselves "Brothers" we should not take the example of Caine and Able. You know how that story ends. We should take the example of true family and work together or along side of each other. That is the only true hope of survival. You can run your event on your night and you can run your event on your night. If their is a problem, we can talk it out and work through it. I believe my product is the best and you believe your product is the best.  That is where we will let the fans decide.

I will leave you with this. Real life is about compromise, and saying it is what it is. Only you can make the best of things in your control. Someone else's business is not in your control. Move on and make your show the best it can be. It is like selling a product. If yours is better than theirs, your product will sell more and their product will be phased out. Just Saying...

Derrick O'Dell
Wrestling News Center.


Anonymous said...

i live in dyersburg tn and i know of 2 wrestling shows here i have been to both shows one which i attend every week.So with this being said i as a fan would like to put my 2 cents in.Everything that is being said about this one and that one is crazy me as a fan i enjoy wrestling and wrestlers but im at the point were i dont want to go to either show..I know as a fan i have the choice to attend what show i want but when im at a show a few months back and they are having this special matches and move foward to now the show down the road are having the same matches to me that not good business thats a joke...i hear all about all these ideas but i see nothing but stuff thats already been done come on if your gonna make your way down the road show me something new not something thats been done down the road that is just showing me your a joke have no creative..You just want to see if it will go over as it did down the road..and oh boy lets show them haha jokes on you that just shows me your two faces and no one needed you at there show in the first place...As for wrestlers i have no idea what goes on in the back or what he said she said about you cant wrestle here if you wrestle there i know there is alot of back and fouth going on .I been to a few benfit shows were i see everyone getting along just fine..and i know in this day and time with the great social media it is hard not letting everyone in facebook land know everyone dirty laundry as you say it but come on enough is enough...Show me something worth watching and i have no problem supporting two shows but wait i forgot there gonna be 2 shows on saturday night because lets see if i can get one up on the other show another joke..So i will stay at the show i go to everyweek and sit back and watch till the back biting and sour grapes get to bad and i quit all together.just from my point of view as a fan

Xander Raines said...

very well said DOD I wish more of our brother hood were able to see things from the outside as you put it. Sometimes we tend to get caught up in the action and what about me to see that we are hurting the fans with our actions and temper tantrums. I have enjoyed your reporting on the companies you visit. I don't get to your territory much at all but one day I might branch out past Memphis. Thank you for your unbiased report and opinion. keep up the good work