Friday, November 29, 2013

A word from Downtown Bruno

Hi everybody in the WNC community, and hope everybody had a great Thanksgiving and look forward to everybody having a fantastic CHRISTmas. The caps are they should be.Yyou wont catch me saying happy holidays, period... Anyway, just wanted to drop a few points on here for everybody, hope you like them!
*I want to wish my friend the Axeman a full and speedy recovery from his recent procedure. He is a great guy, and an honored member of wnc, as well as of the local wrestling fraternity, and above all of that, a friend to many of us.
*Lets hope all the promotions in the area continue to thrive, improve, and, to stop using so f,n many clotheslines for f*** sake! Please, promoters and bookers, tell the guys who cant do anything but a clothesline to go home, or better yet, go to wrestling school before you let them get back in the ring!!!! Theres too many Derrick Kings, Alan Steeles, Jon Michaels, Eric Waynes, Dan Matthews, Golden Boys,etc...around here to waste time with the t=shirt clothesline boys!
*Good luck to Cannon and his family, and I hope his son continues to excel in the various sports and activities he participates in!
*Congratulations to Derrick King on his recent marriage.
*I recently appeared in Selmer, Tennesse and really enjoyed the promotion, the atmosphere, the talent, the management, and the fans. I look forward to returning when schedule permits.
*I wish IWA the best... They seem to be running steadily and professionally, the way the Sniper would've liked it. The awards they are doing seem like a great idea, and I hope its a big success for all involved.
*GOD bless everybody, and lets all get along!!! Theres no more message board, so we can't trash people anonomously any more!!! LOL

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Steve Holsten said...

Thanks for standing up for what's right Bruno!