Wednesday, November 20, 2013

10 Questions with UCW Superstar Jason "The Brain"

I was introduced to Jason "The Brain" by word of mouth. I know that sounds weird, but prior to coming to UCW, I had been told many stories of Jason "The Brain". I was told how great of a manger he was , I was told by people how they learned from just being around him. To say the least I was intrigued about who Jason "The Brain" was and what was he doing that so many people talked about him.

I would not get the chance to meet Jason until UCW Halloween Clash 2, on Oct 26th. I can now say I understand why people like Jason and learn from things he does. I can describe Jason as a "Showman" he does unexpected things for a manager and likes to show off to the crowd. He is quick witted and not one to back down from a war of words, or the possibility of physical confrontation. This is an unusual characteristic of a Manager. Jason watches over the men that he manages and does what it takes to see that they are not done wrong, as hard as that may be. I can also say that I have learned to respect Jason. He is a good man and it shows when he is around his family, and extended wrestling family, if there is a line between the two? I can only say, I am glad he took the time to be involved in the 10 Questions, because I believe it will give you, the fans, an insight into what he is really like.

Height: 6'0
weight: 204 lbs
Years wrestling: 7 years
Current promotion: UCW

1. Why did you want to become a pro wrestler Manager? I loved every Saturday morning to turn on channel 5 and watch USWA. Wrestling was thought to be the devil and was banned from my house. So I had to sneak around to watch it and I guess that made me just love it more.

2.Who is your Favorite Wrestler and why? I always loved Shawn Michaels in WWF. But really PG-13 were the guys I dressed like and acted like. Back in the day they were just as good as any other tag team on the planet.

3. What is the best experience in or out of the ring you have had in pro wrestling and why? In the ring it was managing against Bill Dundee and the Rockin roll express. Outside the ring, it was having DDP and Doug Gilbert on my radio Show. I was nervous to have these guys, who I have loved watching over the years, on my show. The best part is that they turned out to be great guys!

4. What was the Coolest venue/location you have managed in and why? "Forth in the forest" was great but the best one was in Paragould Arkansas where I had a little feud with Brandon Baxter.

5. Who is the most experienced or well known person you have Managed? Sid Vicious, Doug Gilbert and Sarge O'Riley

6. Is there a story behind your wrestling name? Yes, but I don't know if I can tell it in a PG way. But Sarge gave it to me with the help of Syn and DJ Stunner.

7. Who over the years has been your Biggest Rival as a Manager and why? There have been a few. Mad Money Mike, Brandon Baxter and Jay Moore. All based on them being jealous of yours truly.

8. What is your entrance Theme Music? Linkin Park- "Wretches and Kings remixed" by my Co-Host Ur Moms Favorite Jay Blessike.

9. What makes you stand out as a Manager in the wrestling business? I just don't think I'm your typical Manager. In the south everyone try's to fit there style after Jimmy Hart. There is nothing wrong with that. He is a legend! But I watched and studied Bobby Heenan, to me, he is just the greatest! He could have a fast come back for whatever you said and could work a match too if need be. This is how I pattern myself.

10. What has been your Proudest Moment in the sport of wrestling.? I'd have to say managing all my best friends. From the guys that taught me so so much! Sarge O'Riley, The Asylum, Neil Taylor, Hollywood Jimmy, SnS , N.R.G and LiL Bit! Thanks to them and Many others. If I never get to step in a ring again, I'll have memories that will last forever.

Thank You Jason for your time and answers. I wish you nothing but continued success.

Derrick O'Dell
Wrestling News Center


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