Friday, November 22, 2013

10 Questions with TCW Superstar "All That" Alan Steel

I had the pleasure of meeting TCW Superstar, "All That "Alan Steel on my second wrestling event that I covered by taking photographs at ringside. This was July 19th of this year. He did not know me from Adam, and still he treated me with respect. I was impressed with his demeanor and when I watched him in the ring, he gained my admiration for his talent. Alan is methodical in his execution in the ring, but he is surprisingly agile for his size. Be it drop kicks, flying off the top rope or technical mat wrestling, he excels.

I can not say I know Alan well, I do not. I can say he has a love for this sport and tries to express that every time he steps into the ring. He is laid back when need be and aggressive the same way. He is a true athlete and if you ever get a chance to see him in person, take that opportunity. He will be someone you remember, as I do. Alan can be seen on TCW television which airs on the Pursuit Network Saturday Mornings at 12:00 A.M.

Enjoy getting to know "All That" Alan Steel in the next 10 Questions.

Height: 6'0"
weight: 242lbs
Years wrestling: 16
Current Promotions: TCW

1. Why did you want to become a pro wrestler? I've been a fan as long as I can remember. Being born and raised in Memphis, the Coliseum on Monday nights and Channel 5 on Saturday mornings were big parts of my life.

2.Who is your Favorite Wrestler and why? Mr. Perfect Curt Hennig is my all time favorite. I was drawn to his confidence and that he could wrestle any style. He was a work horse and always had great matches. He walked the walk, talked the talk, and backed up what he said. After all he was Perfect.

3. What is the best experience in or out of the ring you have had in pro wrestling and why? I've met and wrestled a lot of legends, superstars, etc and I've worked for the biggest promotions in the world. I've accomplished all of the goals I originally set for myself when I began my career.

4. What was the Coolest venue/location you have wrestled in and why? The Mid-South Coliseum in Memphis. It was a dream of mine to wrestle where I always watched as a child.

5. Who is the most experienced or well known person you have wrestled? Most experienced would either be Bill Dundee or Ricky Morton. Honestly, the most well known to today's fans would have to be Daniel Bryan.

6. Is there a story behind your wrestling name? A fan actually suggested my name to me. He said I needed something catchier than just Alan Steel. He thought I could wrestle any style, and noticed that I had a cockyness to me. So, we kinda came up with "All That" together. Thanks Craig.

7. Who over the years has been your Biggest Rival and why? Derrick King. He helped train me and we used to ride up and down the highway together. I think that my competitive streak and wanting to be the best is the root of our rivalry. Every time we end up in a promotion together, our feud reignites. I truly believe that we are each others best opponents.

8. What is your entrance Theme Music? Usually "Doperide" by Saliva

9. What makes you stand out in the wrestling business? BELIEVABILITY!!! Besides the greatest forearm in wrestling (inside joke); being well rounded and very intense has left my mark on the wrestling business and my opponents.

10. What has been your Proudest Moment in the sport of wrestling? I'm very proud of everything I have accomplished. I've been labeled a Ring General and a Work horse. I've been in the ring with some of the very best and can honestly say that I could hang with each and every one of them. I've worked for the biggest companies in the world and have tons of great memories. So, I don't know if I can just point one out.

Thank you Alan for your candid answers. It is always great when someone puts their hearts into this Sport. I wish you nothing but success.

Derrick O'Dell
Wrestling News Center

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