Wednesday, November 20, 2013

10 Questions with the Lovely UCW and MLOW Superstar "Litlle Bit"

I have interviewed many wrestlers over the last few months with the 10 Questions. Many have been men and to date only one female wrestler had responded to my request. I am sure it is mostly that many ladies do not know who I am or that I am doing this solely to promote the Independent Wrestling scene. I can understand they must get some odd requests just because the world is like it is.

So you can imagine my excitement when I got a response from none other than MLOW Women's Champion "Little Bit". I was very happy to hear that she would also do the 10 Question interview. Little Bit is gracious and lady like. She is the epitome of southern raising. I was happy she responded due to the Ladies of wrestling really do not get the same credit as their male counterparts. No, they are not as big. No, they are generally not as strong. But... They can be down right competitive when they want o be. This is how I would describe Little Bit. She has the "It" factor, people like to watch her and be around her. She is tough, She will wrestle a man and not back down. She is loved by the fans. This is due to her southern raising I was speaking of. She is a mother and wife and she still knows how to take care of business in the ring. How many can say that? Well enough of my explanation. You can hear it from Little Bit herself in the following 10 Questions.

Weight 120 lbs
Years in wrestling 6 1/2 years
Current promotions MLOW & UCW

1. Why did you want to become a pro wrestler? Just like most of the wrestlers, I was a huge mark. I'd be lying if I said I still wasn't. You have to be a fan and have love for the business to be in the business. Every Monday night I would be at my families house watching RAW. I was even scheduled off on Mondays just to be in front of the TV. I finally met my trainer, Brandon Barbwire, who you recently interviewed, and I thought he was pulling my leg when he told me that he was a wrestler and that he would train me. So I went. He thought after the first day I wouldn't be back. Called him the next day, and the rest is history.  

2.Who is your Favorite Wrestler and why? My favorite is my trainer Brandon Barbwire. I've learned so much from watching him, listening to him. I've seen him make a D grade worker look like a million bucks. He can keep you entertained from start to finish. Not that I don't favor my other trainers, like Sarge O'Riley and Anton Leveigh, but Brandon has been my favorite from day 1, and I feel we have a "wrestling bond" if you will.

3. What is the best experience in or out of the ring you have had in pro wrestling and why?  My best experience, SO FAR, would have to be meeting, working, listening and learning from Sabrina & Joyce Grable.. These ladies paved the way for women's wrestling. Back when it wasn't your looks it was pure talent. If it wasn't for the work they put in it and their loyalty to the business, who knows where woman's wrestling would be now a days. Such an honor.

4. What was the Coolest venue/location you have wrestled in and why? The coolest lactation would have to be in Jonesboro, Arkansas. The fans there are the greatest. It doesn't matter if your heel or face, they determine what you are. "Fourth and the Forest 2012", biggest crowd I've ever worked in front of. Absolutely amazing.

 5. Who is the most experienced or well known person you have wrestled? Sabrina. I worked Sabrina at MLOW in 2011 and she is 100% old school and is full of wrestling knowledge. By far the most experienced female I've worked so far. Again, it was an honor.

6. Is there a story behind your wrestling name? lol, Little Bit was given to me by none other than Sarge O'Riley. Very first show I attended and first time I ever met him. Anton Leveigh and I were trying to figure out a good name for me, up walks Sarge and says, your Little Bit. Look at you, it just fits. And well look at me, lol, It does fit!

7. Who over the years has been your Biggest Rival and why? My Biggest rival is hands down "Million Dollar Baby." I have never worked anyone as much as I have her. We can read each other like a book in the ring. It's incredible. We are about the same size and have kind of the same look. It just works. I love it.

8. What is your entrance theme Music?   "So What" by Pink. Thank you Shell

9. What makes you stand out in the wrestling business? I think what makes me stand out is, I pride myself on being a role model. You will not find me doing or wearing anything you see the "Divas" on TV wearing or doing. My top is covered and so is my bottom. I do not want my children to look back at my pictures and say, "Omg Mom, what where you thinking?". Also, I was raised a Lady and I will raise Ladies.

10. What has been your Proudest Moment in the sport of wrestling.? My proudest moment so far, happened about a year ago. I had just found out I was expecting my 2nd child. I went to MLOW just to visit and say hello to my girls. I went to shake Ms. Joyce Grables hand and she pulled me in for a hug and congratulated me on my pregnancy. Now you have to understand, Joyce and I had not met until this point. I knew who she was but I had no clue she knew who I was. I could not believe that she knew who I was. (YES, this is a huge mark moment) But you ask any worker how they would feel if someone they looked up to knew who they were without ever meeting... They would have the same reaction. Being a professional, I carried on my conversation calmly, but when my husband and I walked away, I looked at him and I know he saw the words come out before I said them. OH MY GOD , Joyce Grable knows who I AM!!! Lol, So that is by far my proudest moment to date in this business.

Thank you very much Derrick for taking the time to hear my rants over my business experiences and thank you for asking me to do this interview!

Thank you also Little Bit it is always a pleasure to hear from you. I wish you nothing but the best.

Derrick O'Dell
Wrestling News Center


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