Wednesday, October 16, 2013


The first match of the evening was Danny Dollar taking on Fallen Angel accompanied to the ring by the Lady of Darkness. This one went right up to the wire with some outside interference by Lady of Darkness. Raja came from the back and jumped Dollar giving him the win by DQ. This attack set up a challenge from Dollar for an impromptu match later in the night between the two.
Superstar Bill Dundee and Boogie Woogie Boy Gary Valiant went against 24/7 Kross & JR Mauler in an all out beat down of each other. This one took a turn when Dundee was knocked outside the ring and 24/7 took full advantage as Mauler retrieved a rope from the ring that was revealed to have a noose on the end of it. They hooked the noose around the neck of Valiant and hung him over the top rope. They took turns applying pressure to the rope as Boogie dangled gasping for air. Dundee tried to come to his aid but was cut off by Kross. They finally let Valiant drop to the floor as Danny Dollar came out to assist them. Valiant came out from the back with a towel around his neck to cover the rope burn and let 24/7 know exactly where things stood between them. Kross & Mauler came from the back and attack Valiant again as Dundee and Dollar came to even things up a little bit. I can guarantee this one will not be over between these guys by a long shot.
The semi-main event was Smooth Inc. member Samoan Raja who came to the ring alone since his manager was one of the guest ring announcers facing off against Danny Dollar. Of course Raja didn't stay alone in the match .... Smooth couldn't wait to take an opportunity to involve himself but his interference backfired on him and he clocked Raja causing Dollar to get the 1 2 3 and his hand raised. Dollar also took an opening and let Smooth know not to stick his nose in his business as he landed on his by the announcer's table.
The main event this past Saturday pitted the EPW Tag Team Champs Hollywood Clique members Brody Hawk and Neil "The Real Deal" Taylor going against Mitch Toretta w/Zeppelin and a mystery partner who turned out to be the newly crowned EPW Heavyweight Champ Chris Cade. This match up went back and forth the entire time with a series of blows and technical moves by each team. In the end it was Hawk and Taylor getting the pin fall and retaining the tag belts with a little help from guest announcer Smooth. Toretta was none to pleased with him costing them the belts. Which he let Smooth know by THROWING him across the floor into the heel entrance like a bouncing rubber ball. Zeppelin was also not to happy about the way the things ended as you can see by her pose in the ring.

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