Thursday, October 17, 2013

Pro Wrestling Social Media Plan Now Available Online

The Pro Wrestling Social Media E-Book is Now Online at

This New e-Book written by Long Time Wrestling Promoter, Tony Givens and Edited by Veteran Sports Writer, John Moorehouse will teach you all you need to market YOUR Wrestling Promotion on the most popular Social Media platforms. The information in this book is designed to put money
in your pocket by promoting your product online like never before. You will learn the secrets that 95% of promoters in the business don't know!
BONUS - In addition to Marketing Tips for Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube; For the first time, Tony lays out step-for-step his own personal Day-to-Day Social Media Plan for he uses for his own promotion, NWA Smoky Mountain.

What Tips Revealed in this Book?
Every promotion has a Facebook page and a Twitter account, but most of them don't know how to use them to their fullest potential. We have studied and developed the content of this book from successful Social Media campaigns from some of the world's most famous brands. We have adapted these concepts to Pro Wrestling. Now we want to help you turn you into a "Pro Wrestling Social Media Guru".
What's Listed in the Book?
The Pro Wrestling Social Media Plan includes:
1. What do Post on Facebook- We tell you what kind of content gets 75% more engagement than any other type.
2. When to Post on Social Media - Have you ever wondered when is the perfect time to post? Do you want to know when most of your fans are online? We will tell you how to find that information and when (and how often) to post so your content will get the most views.
3. Instagram Marketing - Learn how to use the newest social media craze to your advantage by posting the right pictures at the right time to engage your potential customers!
4. Google Plus - Are you using Google Plus? If not, we will tell you why you should be.
5. Complete Day-to-Day Social Media Plan - 12 year wrestling promoter, Tony Givens gives you his own personal Day-to-Day Social Media Strategy that has made NWA Smoky Mountain one of 2013's fastest rising promotions.
And Much More!
Why Should I Buy this Book?
Why? Because it will give you a leg up on 95% of the Promoters in Independent Wrestling!!! Most wrestling promoters think that they know everything about promoting and are stuck in their old ways. They think a couple of Facebook posts here and there and some black & white posters around town will draw a house. Here's the reality: In this era if you don't know how to promote your product online, then you will be lost in the dust. Don't be THAT guy. Learn the tricks and say ahead of the curve.

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