Tuesday, October 29, 2013

More Comments from Downtown Bruno

Oct 28 at 9:30 PM

well here we go again,time to vote for 2013s winners and losers,and since i haven't been as active in 2013 as i have been in previous years,i don't have an opinion in every category,although i DO have some suggested nominations in quite a few of the categories,and id like to share them with the WNC family.

the event of the year is without a doubt the memphis power wrestling event at resorts casino.

announcer of the year is oscar barlow

most improved wrestler of the year is dangerous dan matthews

promotion of the year is a tie between memphis power wrestling and epw

most underrated of the year is alan steele

referee of the year is joe lynn

and the most over-rated of the year is….ME….because everybody thinks that when wwe comes to town i have a pallet of free tickets delivered to my house on a flatbed, a stack of backstage passes to give out, another stack of developmental deals, and an all day meet and greet set up with all the wwe superstars, vince mcmahon, hhh, stephanie, john cena, and whoever else they have in mind to meet… as gene okerlund would say… GIVE ME A BREAK!!!!

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