Wednesday, October 23, 2013


The show opened with a visit from none other than the Hollywood Clique.... The fans once again left JR Mauler know what they thought of his comments as they once again chanted "WHAT"..... Hollywood was in some new attire guess he is playing good cop.... bad cop. We know where that one falls. They announced that Kross would be absent due to "food poisoning" allegedly from Superstar Bill Dundee. Mauler announced his plans for the evening and assured he would take care of Dundee in the main event. Danny Dollar took on DOA member Dirty Sanchez in the first match of the night. This one didn't work out quite the way DOA planned it with dollar getting the victory with a super kick... The EPW tag champs Brody Hawk and Neil Taylor w/ Hollywood Jimmy Blaylock went against the team of Mitch Toretta w/Zeppelin and Chaz Stone. This one was wild from the get go..... In the end Stone left Toretta to fend for himself and left the ring and Smooth took this as a opportunity to Talk Stone into going into the opposite dressing room. How will Toretta take this one? Bonecrusher went against DOA member Bane accompanied to the ring by his partner Dirty Sanchez. Bane worked on Bonecrusher's leg after a chop block from Sanchez, almost to the point that it looked like he wouldn't be able to continue when he made a last ditch effort which caused Sanchez to interfere helping Bane get the win
Juicy Johnny Morton took on the EPW Heavyweight Champ Chris Cade in the semi main event. Morton got in referee Turtle's face and shoved him and was reminded in no uncertain terms that he cannot put his hands on the ref. Turtle shoved him back causing him to fall backwards over Cade allowing him to get the roll up and the win.
The main event was scheduled to be a tag team but due to alleged food poisoning of Kross... JR Mauler took on Superstar Bill Dundee in a singles match. These guys literally beat the he** out of each other. In the end of course Hollywood Jimmy Blaylock put his nose in the match. Between him, Mauler, and the Clique's ref Joey Lynn Mauler ended up with the 1 2 3.....
Smooth's night didn't end very well with a hand print left on his cheek by BB. He had talked trash all night with BB and the promoter of EPW Edith Poole who were at the announcer's table for the night. What will Smooth have to say about this one come this Saturday night. I bet he won't get close to BB again without ducking.

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