Saturday, September 21, 2013

Tag Team Turmoil Results for RCW Pro Wrestling Ripley,TN Sept 14, 2013‏


The night started out with the "Midnight Rider" teaming up with "Iceman" Chris Austin vs "The Blues Man" Ike Tucker.  After all of the conflict between Ike and Chris Austin, the match resulted in a double countout in which Chris Austin and Ike Tucker throwing blows all the way from the ring to the backstage area where security had to seperate these two.  Iceman Chris Austin has vowed to make Midnight Rider the meanest man in RCW.
Rikishi and Brian Christopher were not able to attend the show due to unforseen circumstances.
A tag team from Dallas,TX were looking to take some gold back to the Lone Star State as team Genesis with their manager Nigel Rabid took on Tattoo and Dell Tucker. This match was truely a slobberknocker resulting in team Genesis advancing to the Finals.
It appeared as though Sir Mo was going to advance and be the 1st ever one man Tag Team Champion when he faced off against Big Mike and Jon Omari.  Sir Mo was teamed up with Big Daddy V (Viscera) and everyone was wondering where he was.  After the taunting by Mike and Jon it was found out that Big Daddy V's car had been destroyed by these two which made it apparent that Viscera was not going to be able to attend.  During the match, Big Mike and Jon Omari took full on advantage of the situation double teaming Sir Mo.  All of a sudden the lights went out and the Power Pro Arena was dark.  Big Daddy V had arrived and he manhandled the two brutes that had their way with his transportation.  Mike and Jon have vowed to catch Mo when he is caught slipping. In their words, "We don't care if you are at the Sonic on Washington Street, the arena, P.F. Changs, or even at a RCW "Unchained" event, we will catch you slipping and we WILL take advatage of the situation.  WE know Big Daddy V has an overseas tour so you will not have him to back you up. You better watch your back."
The final match of the night was Team VD vs Team Genesis for the RCW Tri State Championship. This was truely one for the ages folks. Words cannot describe the match that took place.  This match resulted in Team VD becoming the 1st ever RCW TriState Tag Team Champions.  The manager for Genesis, Nigel Rabid has sworn to repay Team VD and their manager Rotten Randy stating that his team was cheated out of the Gold. Nigel has stated that Rotten Randy had no right to place his hands on him and there will be hell to pay for his actions. Nigel said that he will send in guys every week if he has to but one thing is for certain........HE WILL have his revenge

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