Tuesday, September 10, 2013

SPWA results from 9-7 in Ramer, TN

Well well well, I am not sure there are any words to describe all the action that took place in Ramer, TN last night at S.P.W.A. Wrestling. Again, what a great crowd and it was so nice to see some new faces and of course we love our faithful fans. 
 The night started off with Ms. Tina telling everyone how wonderful it has been with Big Bill being suspended and that he would not be there again tonight while the crowd was still clapping all of a sudden some VERY familiar music came on and on to the stage steps..... none other than Michael Gilbert!!! He comes out to a very mixed crowd some were clapping and some were booing and others just sat there in confusion. Michael comes to the ring and begins to explain why he is there, saying when he left he took all the talent we had with him and that all we have left is a bunch of dinosaurs left. He said he built this house and he was there to take it back and rid it of all the trash that was left, he talked some serious smack about owners Don Bass, Allen Stone and Harold. Harold finally decided he had heard enough and he came out and made his way to the ring to confront Gilbert only to be kicked at and threatened by Michael. Gilbert continues to run his mouth and Harold finally tells him that he has done enough and that he was going to make some calls and he would find a fitting challenger for him that would give him the beating he deserves. Michael just laughed and as he left the ring turned over the ring steps. One must admit Gilbert still knows how to make a grand appearance and departure. Looks like things are gonna be interesting around here to say the least.

Results from 9-7-2013

1. TN Brawler vs Gordy
This match started off wild with the Brawler having a serious attitude and took it out on Gordy, Gordy was making a great comeback when Brawler caused a DQ in the match when he grabbed a chair and took it the back of Gordy,

2. Geno vs Danny Daniels
The man who is quickly becoming one the most hated men there came out to the shouts of the usual "Pizza Boy" and quickly took control of this match and Danny made a valiant effort to comeback but Geno took this win. 
After the intermission Tina made the announcement that October 19th those Texas Boys will be back in the house including the Champion Moonshine Mantell. Can't wait to have them back.

3. Nick Grymes vs CT Jordan
Grymes came out to the chants of traitor once again while the crowd cheered when CT made his apperance. This was a very heated match between these two and you can see some unfinished business between them. Some serious "Chops" were swapped back and forth between them but while Grymes was running his mouth to the crowd CT slipped in and got the pin. Grymes got in some extra hits after the bell rang and ended up back dropping him on the ramp. I expect we will be seeing more from these two.

4. Fallen Angels vs Lonnie and Donnie
Lonnie and Donnie told the tag champs it was time to give up the belts and they wanted them, but I dont think the way they got them was what they were talking about , as the Fallen Angels laid the belts in their hands and their fists in their face. Lonnie and Donnie gave them a real run for their money but in the end The Fallen Angels prevailed and took their belts with them.

Harold then came to the ring and called out Michael Gilbert who didnt make another show but Harold made the announcement that he found a person who was really interested in giving Michael a good beating...and on September 21st the one and only Dangerous Doug Gilbert will be in the house to take care business, Now this is going to be a match to remember so mark your calendars and be there.

Well of course we could not go one night with out having to see the weasel Alex Stone he just had to come out and run his mouth about Jay Kraft. Telling everyone that the reason he wasnt there tonight was because of the bloody beating he got last week from him. Calling him a washed up has been. We all know what really happened last weekend and I promise you Jay will be back to set this little weasel straight.

5. AC Styles w/ Diana vs Allen Stone w/ KD Krace
Now this was a great match with the crowd favorite Allen Stone just itching to get his hands on AC Styles and let me tell you Styles had a hard time keeping up with all the punches that Stone was throwing at him. KD had a time keeping Diana under control having to chase her around the ring, but the one time Styles got Allen down and the ref had accidently been knocked down too, Diana threw him a glove with brass knuckles in it. After knocking out Allen with the glove he took it off and put it on Allens hand and fell down just in time for the ref to get up and see the glove and call a DQ on Allen Stone. Allen called for a match with no time limit and no DQ for next week and was granted the match. I sure feel for Styles next week when KARMA comes to get him.
 Thanks to Don Johnson for ending results in

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