Tuesday, September 17, 2013

SPWA results from 9-14

Well it may have cool outside last night but the inside of the S.P.W.A it was hot hot hot!!! The night started off when Michael Gilbert came out and once again climbed in the ring which he abandoned over 6 months ago and let everyone know that he was back to stay and he had brought the "Baddest Manager" in the business with him and asked him to come out to everyone's surprise out came Grady Watson and the crowd started the booing right away. He was one of the most hated men when he left and still holds the title to this day next to "The Weasel" of course. Gilbert then began running his mouth about how he had heard about his match that is scheduled for this coming weekend with Doug Gilbert and before he could finish Harold came out and came to the ring and Gilbert told him to go to the back and pick who ever he wanted to pick and they would have a match tonight but to make sure the cameras were running because he wanted a copy sent to Doug because after he finished this match tonight Doug would be too scared to show up....Now thats funny I think Michael needs to be the scared one Dangerous Doug Gilbert is gonna BRING IT and he is bringing it for Michael Gilbert.

Then before the first match started we had another person step up with something to say...Seems he had a little something on his mind. Nick Grymes came out and the chants started but Grymes asked for everyone to just stop for a moment that he has something important to say. He told everyone that his father had passed away earlier this week and that a mere 5 hours before they had finally laid him to rest and he really didn't know if being there last night was the right thing to do or not but he knew in his heart that that was exactly where his father would want him to be. He then called out CT Jordan and told him that the match they had last week was great but he thinks they should have a rematch tonight. CT who knew what Grymes has been through this week, told him that he didnt think this would a good time and that made Nick mad and he slapped CT so hard it could be heard in the next county still CT said no and he slapped him again causing CT to spear him and attack him....Grymes slipped away just grinning that evil smile..It was on.

Results from 9-14-13

1. TN. Brawler/Geno vs Danny Daniels/John Daniels
This match was hard fought and lots of support for the Daniel Brothers but Brawler and Geno came out the winners on this one.

2. Smoking Guns vs Lonnie/Donnie
This match was two brothers going against two brothers but one set (The Smoking Guns) is a set that the crowd hates, I wonder if its because of their big mouths or their cocky attitude. Miss Jen Hardin came out with the Guns looking her usual sneaky self. This match went blow for blow but ended up in a DQ because while the ref was distracted Jen jumped in the ring and slapped Donnie and when he went to reach for her she blew powder all in his face and eyes...The referee did catch this and DQd the match.

3. This match has been a long time coming Alex Stone vs Jay Kraft
Jay came out and in the ring made the announcement that he had wanted to retire but after what the weasel had done to him during his speech that retirement was out of the question at least until he put the weasel six feet under. The match was hard core you could tell the hatred runs deep with these two, Jay wants back the belt he was cheated out of and Alex is using Jay to make a statement about himself and his abilities. During the height of the match, just as Jay was about to take the win, The Smoking Guns came walking down the ramp and took Jays attention off the weasel just long enough for him to get the pin while putting his feet on the ropes and taking the win. I can promise you this...It is only the beginning for these two.

4. Mike Realz vs Johnny Morton
Mike Realz was back and was his usual nasty little self making lots of enemies in the crowd, while house favorite Johnny Morton was being cheered on to whoop Mike Realz. This was a match of wiser wrestler vs younger wrestler and Morton took him to school and came out the winner.

5.Michael Gilbert vs Matt Gordy
Michael wasted no time in taking control of this match, thinking he was gonna make short work of this match but to his surprise Matt gave Gilbert a run for his money, Matt actually got the upper hand on Gilbert but only for a minute when Michael hit him with a spine buster got the cover and the win.

6. Nick Grymes vs CT Jordon
CT came to the ring and was ready to go and started before the bell even rang, it was extremely heated and with what happened earlier it only made it hotter. Chops to the chest and high flying kicks were just a portion of this match but when CT tried for a reverse flip Grymes stopped it mid air and put his shoulders to the mat and took the win over CT.

7. Main event was AC Styles vs Allen Stone No time limit No DQ
KD Kraze joined Allen for this match at ringside. It didnt take long for Allen to take control of this match taking AC to the floor and finding some barbed wire used it as a whip on AC then took it to his head over and over until the blood finally spilled for AC. For some reason The Smoking Guns felt this was their fight too so after Allen got the win they came running out and started beating on Allen till they had him bleeding, after leaving the ring with AC they made the announcement that this was not over and Allen would no longer be picking on AC.

Another exciting night of action was seen by another full house of fans and if you were not there you dont know what you missed so make sure this coming Sat you are there to see it all and Dangerous Doug Gilbert will be in the house.

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