Sunday, September 22, 2013

RCW Pro Wrestling Results 9-21-13‏ Ripley, TN

The arrogant self rightous "Iceman" Chris Austin came out at the beginning of the show to address the crowd stating the fans should learn their place and leave well enough alone.  Of course this was in reference to the allegations that Pokerface was charged with. As Mr. Austin told the crowd to basically learn to shut their mouths, he was interrupted by Pokerface and fans went nuts.  The email sent by the head office was read word for word by Pokerface and he was found GUILTY on all charges which made Austin start celebrating.  But there was a twist in the statement being read that Austin did not see coming.  Even though Pokerface was found guilty of all allegations, he WAS reinstated as the Director of RCW Pro Wrestling and regained his RCW Tri-State Championship.  This caused the Iceman to throw a fit.

The first order of business Pokerface did was set the action in motion by telling Chris Austin to stay put and his opponent for the night would be out in a minute.  The first match of the night was The "Bluesman" Ike Tucker vs The "Iceman" Chris Austin.  Toward the end of the match Austin hit Ike with a chain.  Austin strutted around the ring saying, "It's over, I told you people I had this."  Austin took just a little to long because by the time he pinned Ike, The "Bluesman" kicked out on the two count shocking The "Iceman".  Austin started pounding on Ike and when Austin threw a wild haymaker, The Bluesman ducked the punch and caught Austin with a Sidewalk Slam giving Ike Tucker the victory.

The next match of the night was one half of the RCW Tri-State Tag Team Champions VD Vic Viscious facing off against Twiztid.  Twizted was amazing the crowd by going toe to toe with the big man.  And just when it appeared that Twizted was about to capitalize on it, Richard Delicious interferred causing the match to result in a DQ.  The Samoan RAJA went after Team VD while they were both beating on Twizted. 

The Semi Main Event was Kilo vs Tatt2. The match was more than what you can describe in words. Since these two men are close in structure they had a combination of high flying and huge power moves. The closure of this match resulted in Kilo winning the match. During the pinfall, Tatt2 had his foot on the rope but it was pushed off by Kilo's manager so the referee did not see it.

The MAIN EVENT of the evening came down between Team VD squaring off against Pokerface and The Samoan RAJA.  After hearing rumors surrounding Nigel Rabid, Raja was asked by Pokerface if he could count on him and trust him. RAJA gave Pokerface the thumbs up and the match was underway.  The match was not your typical wrestling match but more of a back alley street brawl beatdown.  Pokerface gave it all he had.  The two oddly paired men, RAJA and Pokerface seemed to be working well as a team.  Toward the end of the match, RAJA pretty much laid out Team VD.  Then he showed his TRUE COLORS and pulled Pokerface into the ring over the top rope from the apron and gave him a Samoan Splash.  Raja proceeded to go over to Vic Viscious and pulled him on top of Pokerface giving Team VD the win.

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