Saturday, September 28, 2013

Outsource Announcing Available For Convenient & Quality Voice-Over Commentary

 Outsource Announcing
Outsource Announcing Available For Convenient & Quality Voice-Over Commentary

Ask anyone who's helped put together a professional wrestling show - it takes a team effort to make everything come together. Not just the promoter and wrestlers... but a plethora of supporting cast in front of and behind the cameras that may go unnoticed by virtually everyone, but can mean the difference between a successful show and a failure.

Commentators are just one job title on that list of often unsung heroes. A good announcer can make an ok match seem great. A bad announcer can make even some of the best matches unwatchable. While the uneducated promoters of the world are content with announce teams made up of inexperienced friends or family members, or people who would rather put themselves over or crack inside jokes rather than focus on the action, characters, and story in the ring, the truly seasoned and polished promoters know a quality broadcast team only further enhances the professional presentation of their product. But where do you find such an announcer when so few and far between are available? And when you finally do... can you afford to bring one in from another city (or state) on a regular basis?

Outsource Announcing aims to solve many of these problems.

With Outsource Announcing, you can get professional quality match commentary, voice-overs, etc provided for you DVDs, video packages, and any other media you may be putting together, for a very affordable price. With all voicing done in-house, there are zero transportation expenses, no excessive overhead, and no headaches worrying about the quality of your broadcast presentation.

Headed by Joe Dombrowski (as seen on Ring of Honor TV & iPPV; PRIME Wrestling/PWO TV; Executive Producer of "The Montreal Theory"), who brings his near-11 years of experience broadcasting around the world for over 3,000 matches in over two dozen different promotions, and ten different television series. Whether you're looking for a modern style storytelling, or old-school feel, Outsource Announcing can make it happen.

E-mail or like & message us on Facebook at for information on working with us and ensuring your programming has a voice befitting the quality of your ring action!

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