Saturday, September 28, 2013

Legendary female professional wrestler Diane Von Hoffman/Moondog FiFi needs your help! PLEASE DONATE!!!

We need help for Phyllis 
to recover from critical surgery 
with little to no income/insurance. 
She now faces eviction! 

legendary female professional wrestler 
Moondog FiFi
"The Teutonic Terror"
Diane Von Hoffman
has battled a severe ongoing illness 
and is in need 
of YOUR help!

One day she's studying for her finals 
as part of her studies 
to eventually graduate soon 
from paralegal school. 

The very day of the final 
all things came crashing down 
in early June 2013 for her. 
She was rushed in, 
nearly died 
and eventually determined 
to be a severe acute pancreatic attack. 
She spent weeks on a respirator, etc. 
then was initially sent home, 
probably prematurely, 
thinking things were good enough 
to send her on. 

Days later she's back again 
with severe infection. 
She stayed in for a few more weeks 
for several cycles 
of this with little improvement 
of her condition. 

Finally in August 
the doctors found an infected cyst 
and felt best to operate to save her. 
The infection turned out to be 
the very dangerous e. Coli! 
She bravely survived the risky surgery 
with losing a rib, 
part of her spleen, 
part of her pancreas, 
a temporary drainage on her back 
as well as temporary colostomy, 
which is to be reversed 
in 6 months. 

So she's had a pretty rough go of things. 
But now she faces 
a new dangerous enemy...... 

This since reported social services 
indicating no help coming financially until 2014! 
Now she has NO INCOME or assistance 
since she's temporarily out of school, 
little savings 
and little hope to try,
and cover all the bills 
coming in! 

Family now is trying to help 
but the bills are overwhelming for us. 
So we are seeking funds to help 
until extended care resources 
can be set up for 
and asking you to help 
with that as a very kind gesture. 

Thank you for your interest and support 
and many blessings to you. 
Anything will help 
and we can even get you updates 
in her recovery 
and hopefully back to school 
to complete her degree!

Wrestling News
as well as myself
(Brian Reese),
who has been very, very good friends 
with Phyllis/Diane
for the past 2 years or so
is asking all of you wrestling fans out there
to PLEASE donate
whatever you can 
and as much as you can
during her very dire time of need.
Your gracious help and cooperation
would be indeed 
so very, very much greatly appreciated!


PLEASE do click on the link below
to make your donation,
and PLEASE do remember

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