Wednesday, September 18, 2013


The night opened with Hollywood Jimmy Blaylock and Brody Hawk coming out to discuss a few matters that were on their minds and clarify the situation of Cassanova Kid being cleared of charges against him by Blaylock.Hollywood decided to stay and help with the announcing for the night much to the non-excitement of the crowd. The first match of the evening was a mixed match up between Johnny Morton with Diana Taylor taking on Mike Reelz and BB. This one ended with a double pin with Reelz and BB getting the win.
This match was a three way tag match between Buzz Harley & Chaz Stone, Chris Cade w/ Smooth & a new comer to EPW the Nigerian Nightmare, and DOA Dirty Sanchez & Bane. This was a battle between these tag teams till the end. The team of Cade and the Nigerian Nightmare walked away with the win.
Nathan Aulridge took on Bam Bam Bundy in the third match of the evening. Aulridge was as usual very agile in his assault on Bundy. With a series of moves he gave the final blow with a spear that cut Bundy into giving the win to Aulridge.
EPW Heavyweight Champion Samoan Raja w/Smooth in his corner went against Mitch Toretta for the title. This battle of the big men was a series of power moves. Toretta ended up with the 1 2 3 and regained the title. He introduced Raja to his partner Zeppelin which brought out Joey Lynn who reversed the decision because of him using the snake he said. Therefore Raja regained his title back. Toretta won't forget this decision by Joey Lynn you can rest assured.
The boxing match between referee Turtle and Joey Lynn with special referee Mitch Toretta to see who would be crowned the senior referee at EPW began with Turtle being accompanied to ringside by promoter Edith Poole. Joey Lynn took exception to this and asked Hollywood Jimmy Blaylock to stand in his corner which he happily agreed to. This was a three round match that each participant through some jaw crushing blows. Joey Lynn made an adjustment to his glove and smashed Turtle in the face and he dropped like a stone allowing Joey Lynn to have his hand raised as the winner.
The semi main event was between Hollywood Clique members Brody Hawk and Neil "The Real Deal" Taylor taking on the EPW Tag Team Champions BoneCrusher & Cassanova Kid in the first of two cage matches of the night. These guys literally beat the heck out of each other. When all was said and done Hawk , Taylor, Bone, and Kid were all a bloody mess. In the end it was the team of Brody Hawk and Neil Taylor getting the win and being crowned the new EPW Tag Team Champs. You can rest assured the Pink and Black Attack will be looking to regain their gold.
The main event was the one everyone was waiting to see. They wanted to see how this all out NONSANCTIONED war in a cage was going to end between 24/7 Kross & JR Mauler going against members of security, Edith and Tim Poole's son Kenneth who replaced his dad in the match-up and Alan Harville. Bill "Superstar" Dundee was brought into the match as a special referee. This one was wild from the get go. 24/7 and Alan & Kenneth battled back and forth... back and forth until Kross and Mauler ended up with the upper hand and after suffering a series of multiple pile drivers and a DDT along with Harville being split open they were left in the middle of the ring by 24/7. They then jumped Tim Poole outside the ring and left him lying beside the announcer's table. Is the feud over or has it just begun...... only one way to find out...... Be There.....

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