Sunday, September 29, 2013

Anarchy Wrestling report from 9-28 in Cornelia, GA

Larry Goodman:

With the Fright Night 15 a mere 28 days away and counting, Anarchy Wrestling set the table for the annual Halloween spectacular with another quality show in Cornelia, GA.

In the ring, last night's show was as good if not better than any of the recent TV tapings. The general consensus was that the second hour of television (featuring the Elite vs. Alabama Attitude and Mikael Judas vs. Urban Assault Squad) was the stronger of the two.

Story elements that were introduced in a seemingly random, scattershot fashion months ago have been developed into cohesive storylines. In hindsight, Anarchy made the right decision by holding off on a big show this summer because the things they were cooking up needed more time to marinate.

I was reminded anew of what a great learning environment Anarchy provides for aspiring wrestlers. There is an attention to detail that I don't see at the other independent shows around the state. Bill Behrens is known to be a guy that pays attention to such things, and he gets a lot of help from the substantial veteran presence in the locker room. 
You can read the rest of Larry Goodman's report HERE

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