Monday, September 30, 2013

EPW'S Buzz Harley Injured Saturday Night At EPW!!.

Buzz Harley was injured  this past Saturday night at the EPW arena in Booneville after jumping from the 2nd rope. Buzz is in the hospital having hip surgery today. The staff here at Wrestling News Center wish him a very speedy recovery.

UWA results from 9-26 in Knoxville, TN

United Wrestling Association was in Knoxville, TN on September 26th in what is the last even under the UWA banner. Results: Billy Marshall wins the Stars of the UWA Past battle royal. Shawn Shultz defeated Chase Owens. The Rip defeated KC Rush. Travis Sawyer defeated Luke Gallows by DQ after interference from The Rip. The Death Row Inmates defeated The Dynasty to win the UWA Tag Team championships. Cerebus defeated Lance Erickson to retain the Southern Heavyweight championship. Jason Kincaid defeated Shane Andrews.

Note: This is the last event under the UWA banner as the organization will now be called New Age Wrestling.
Credit: Brian Slack @

WWA4 results from 9-26 in Atlanta, GA

WWA4 was in Atlanta, GA on September 26th. Results: Stitch & Pegasus defeated Dark Mon & Gladius. Kew defeated Scoot. Big Bear Boone defeated Axel Ross. Datlien (w/Grizz) defeated Chris Steel. Owen Knight defeated Rick Ryan. Blackheart defeated Moose Nation.

Credit: Brian Slack @

SHINE Wrestling results from 9-27 in Ybor City, FL

Shine Wrestling was in Ybor City, FL on September 27th. Results: Su Yung defeated Taeler Hendrix, La Rosa Negra and Xandra Bale. Nikki Roxx (w/Daffney) defeated Leah Von Dutch. Southern n Sass (Sassy Stephie & Jessie Belle Smothers) defeated the American Sweethearts (Amber O'Neal & Santana). Mercedes Martinez defeated Solo Darling (w/Daffney). Nevah defeated Leva after interference from Southern n' Sass. Mia Yim defeated Nikki Storm. Valkyrie (Ivelisse & Allysin Kay) defeated Amazing Kong & Jessicka Havok. Rain defeated Angelina Love to retain the SHINE championship.

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NWA/SAW results from 9-27 in Millersville, TN

NWA Southern All-Star Wrestling was in Millersville, TN on September 27th. Results: Hot Rod Biggs defeated Big Time Sexy. Jocephus (w/Abriella) defeated LT Falk. Jason "The Gift" Kincaid defeated Charles Alexander. Kevin Weatherby defeated Lance Erickson. Team Mayhem defeated "Dangerous" Doug Gilbert & "Superstar" Bill Dundee. "The Natural" Chase Stevens defeated "The Headliner" Chris Michaels.

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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Anarchy Wrestling report from 9-28 in Cornelia, GA

Larry Goodman:

With the Fright Night 15 a mere 28 days away and counting, Anarchy Wrestling set the table for the annual Halloween spectacular with another quality show in Cornelia, GA.

In the ring, last night's show was as good if not better than any of the recent TV tapings. The general consensus was that the second hour of television (featuring the Elite vs. Alabama Attitude and Mikael Judas vs. Urban Assault Squad) was the stronger of the two.

Story elements that were introduced in a seemingly random, scattershot fashion months ago have been developed into cohesive storylines. In hindsight, Anarchy made the right decision by holding off on a big show this summer because the things they were cooking up needed more time to marinate.

I was reminded anew of what a great learning environment Anarchy provides for aspiring wrestlers. There is an attention to detail that I don't see at the other independent shows around the state. Bill Behrens is known to be a guy that pays attention to such things, and he gets a lot of help from the substantial veteran presence in the locker room. 
You can read the rest of Larry Goodman's report HERE

Former WWF star passes away

Gene Petit, who appeared as Cousin Luke for the World Wrestling Federation in 1985 and 1986, has passed away, according to

Details surrounding Petit's death have not been released. He had been battling with multiple sclerosis in recent years, causing him to drop a substantial amount of weight.

Though Petit competed for numerous promotions from 1973 through his retirement in 2000, he is best known for his role as a member of Hillbilly Jim's stable of wrestling relatives from Mud Lick, Kentucky, which also included Uncle Elmer and Cousin Luke. Petit portrayed a silent and expressionless rural Southerner who did not know how to wrestle—though he did actually wrestle. He joined the other hillbillies in their feud with "Rowdy" Roddy Piper, "Cowboy" Bob Orton, Jr., and Jesse "The Body" Ventura. He stated in a 2008 interview detailing his career that he was asked to compete at WrestleMania 2, but had to decline to an ankle injury. Storyline cousin Uncle Elmer was utilized instead, as he suffered a quick loss to Adrian Adonis.

Petit explained the nature of his departure from the World Wrestling Federation in 1986 to SLAM! Wrestling: "Vince [McMahon] told me that they would keep me until the end of the year, leave me off for a few months, and then figure out another gimmick, because they were just going to keep Hillbilly."

"There was too much back and forth with Hillbilly and he got hurt; they brought Elmer in, and he got fired; Junior left; then I came in, and Hillbilly had a little disagreement with the office, so he took off for a few weeks. We had lost the steam that we had. I finished the year with them, and then started working the independents."

Hillbilly Jim is the last surviving member of the clan; Uncle Elmer (Stan Frazier) died in 1992 as a result of kidney failure while Cousin Junior (Larry Kean) died in 2009 due to a heart attack.

Credit:  PWInsider via

Former WWE Diva celebrates birthday

Former WWE Women's Champion Candice Michelle turned 35-years-old yesterday.

USWO 10-5 in Millersville, TN

USWO appears Saturday, October 5 at the SAWmill at 1214-B Louisville Highway in Millersville, TN!

Bell time 8PM, doors open at 7PM, all seats $10! Kids 5 and under get in free.

Main Event:
"Canadian Lumberjack" David Knox vs "Mr 110%" LT Falk

Former USWO Champions do battle!
Weston Cage vs "The Rockstar" Mike Jablonski

"The Crow Show" Josh Crow vs "The Standout" Charles Alexander

TNT Mottley vs "Mr. Personality" Kevin Weatherby

3-way match
"The Exception" Zack Hartnell vs Fireball Roberts vs Kid Dynamite

Mixed Tag Match
Chad Sumners & Sex Kitten Kathy vs Big Time Sexy & "The First Lady of USWO" Miss Rachel

and other stuff

Credit: Mr. USWO @ Mid-Southern Wrestling message board

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Jerry "The King" Lawler @ Resorts Casino Tunica Oct. 19th 12 Noon-2pm

NWA Smoky Mountain 10-12 in Hampton, TN

NWA Smoky Mountain will be at the Hampton High School in Hampton, TN, on October 12. Advertised: Sigmon defends the NWA Southern TV Title against Jeff Connelly, with Elliott Russell handcuffed to Daniel Mulligan; Jason Kincaid defends the NWA World Jr. Heavyweight Title against Jordan Kage; Air America defends the NWA Tennessee Tag Team Title against EZ Money& Alyx Winters (with Rob Knight); plus Vince Brent, Nick Hammonds, Josh Crawford, Will Huckaby, and Joe Black. Bell time is at 8:00 PM.

USA Championship Wrestling 10-5 in Westmoreland, TN

USA Championship Wrestling will be at the Westmoreland Expo Center in Westmoreland, TN, on October 5. Advertised: Clay Moore vs. the Joker; Steve O vs. Tommy Brandon; Jason Nesmith vs. Super Brown; Chad Stallings vs. Lincoln Mosely; and C.J. Therrel vs. Eli Thompson. Bell time is at 8:00 PM.

WWE Stars engaged

WWE stars Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella are engaged. Check out the article HERE

RVD's WWE contract expires shortly

Rob Van Dam's current deal with WWE is set to expire shortly. According to a report by Dave Meltzer, RVD's contract is up as of 10/1. However, he will be working another week including the Battleground PPV on 10/6 in Buffalo.

Credit: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Outsource Announcing Available For Convenient & Quality Voice-Over Commentary

 Outsource Announcing
Outsource Announcing Available For Convenient & Quality Voice-Over Commentary

Ask anyone who's helped put together a professional wrestling show - it takes a team effort to make everything come together. Not just the promoter and wrestlers... but a plethora of supporting cast in front of and behind the cameras that may go unnoticed by virtually everyone, but can mean the difference between a successful show and a failure.

Commentators are just one job title on that list of often unsung heroes. A good announcer can make an ok match seem great. A bad announcer can make even some of the best matches unwatchable. While the uneducated promoters of the world are content with announce teams made up of inexperienced friends or family members, or people who would rather put themselves over or crack inside jokes rather than focus on the action, characters, and story in the ring, the truly seasoned and polished promoters know a quality broadcast team only further enhances the professional presentation of their product. But where do you find such an announcer when so few and far between are available? And when you finally do... can you afford to bring one in from another city (or state) on a regular basis?

Outsource Announcing aims to solve many of these problems.

With Outsource Announcing, you can get professional quality match commentary, voice-overs, etc provided for you DVDs, video packages, and any other media you may be putting together, for a very affordable price. With all voicing done in-house, there are zero transportation expenses, no excessive overhead, and no headaches worrying about the quality of your broadcast presentation.

Headed by Joe Dombrowski (as seen on Ring of Honor TV & iPPV; PRIME Wrestling/PWO TV; Executive Producer of "The Montreal Theory"), who brings his near-11 years of experience broadcasting around the world for over 3,000 matches in over two dozen different promotions, and ten different television series. Whether you're looking for a modern style storytelling, or old-school feel, Outsource Announcing can make it happen.

E-mail or like & message us on Facebook at for information on working with us and ensuring your programming has a voice befitting the quality of your ring action!


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We need help for Phyllis 
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legendary female professional wrestler 
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One day she's studying for her finals 
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The very day of the final 
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She was rushed in, 
nearly died 
and eventually determined 
to be a severe acute pancreatic attack. 
She spent weeks on a respirator, etc. 
then was initially sent home, 
probably prematurely, 
thinking things were good enough 
to send her on. 

Days later she's back again 
with severe infection. 
She stayed in for a few more weeks 
for several cycles 
of this with little improvement 
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Finally in August 
the doctors found an infected cyst 
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The infection turned out to be 
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She bravely survived the risky surgery 
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Thursday, September 26, 2013

RCW PRO WRESTLING TONIGHT at The Lauderdale County Fair in Halls, TN

RCW Action Live at the Lauderdale County Fair this Thursday 9/26/2013.  Belltime is 7:30pm.  There will be a special meet and greet starting at 5:30pm.  Special Guests: Former WWF Superstar Sir Mo and "Superstar" Bill Dundee. Scheduled for action is "Goldenboy" Greg Anthony, The "Bluesman" Ike Tucker, The Bourne Supremacy, RAJA, "Iceman" Chris Austin, and many others.

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New Focus Wrestling's "SLAMMIN' IN SEPTEMBER!" THIS SATURDAY NIGHT, SEPTEMBER 28TH in Evansville, Indiana

AWA Supreme Wrestling featuring SUPERSTAR BILL DUNDEE THIS SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 28TH in Madison, Indiana




ZWL Custom Shoot 10-26

We here at ZWL are proud to announce our biggest shoot to date set for October 26th! Orders are being accepted now so if you wish to make your own match a reality email us at today!

The end of The Mega Powers

Anyone remember this? The end of the tag team called "The Mega Powers" in the WWE. This aired February 3, 1989. Take a look!

Rampage Pro Wrestling shuts down

Rampage Pro Wrestling has shut down, apparently for good. The promotion was voted Georgia's Wrestling Promotion of the year for 2010 and 2011. The following appeared on their Facebook page:

"Rampage Pro Wrestling would like thank all of our loyal fans for nearly 5 years of great support! Without you the fans, there would never have been a Rampage Pro Wrestling!!

Ultimately RPW ran it's course. We helped a lot of people get a good start and furthered other people's wrestling careers. We also provided a lot of good live and televised entertainment for middle GA and internet entertainment for the world. Unfortunately the economy and changing insurance rules forced us to make the very hard decision to cease operations. I thank the fans and wrestlers of RPW for 5 amazing years."

Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Was another great night of action at EPW Wrestling this past Saturday night. Be there this week to see what happens next cause you never know what will or who will show up.