Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Oz Controversy

Ok here is the BIG story for the week. The wrestler named Oz is at the center of this controversy. A few months back Oz quit wrestling because of a blood disease. He said if he got cut there was a chance he could bleedout, The doctors advised  him to quit wrestling and work on getting better.He started working at AAW Wrestling in Dyersburg,Tn in a commissioner role only. AAW decided to put on a benefit to help pay for the treatments, The benefit went on and they raised a few hundred bucks for OZ, fast forward to this past weekend. Oz was booked for AAW's Big Show,OZ no showed the show and went to work at WOWF that is about a mile from AAW. where he wrestled at there show. Now OZ has said he has been cleared to compete in the ring. No one at AAW has seen any paper work saying OZ was sick in the first place. That is where i'd say i'm gonna hold off on the benefit show but the owners went ahead and went for it  Now this is a statement made by the owner of AAW Joey Morgan "well i will make one last comment... was asked to bring Oz back as commissioner. i did not want to but i allowed the bookers to have their way. less than two wks later Rachael [OZ's Wife] asked could we do a benefit for him because without treatments he would die, i agreed. we have the benefit the next day he asked someone to go to a waterpark with them and told the same person he was not coming back to our promotion. keep in mind thats less than 24hrs after people came out and gave their money to him and our guys gave their time to put the benefit on for him. he had also posted that he was on his way to florida to have treatments but i was told by the person who hired him that he actually went to florida to transport cars for a local auto dealer. so he was lying online to get sympathy from the fans. as far as him moving on to another show i could care less because we didn't want him apart of us after we started finding out the lies. the problem i do have with him going to another show was he did not call and tell anyone to take him off card. we do not wait till the last minute to plan our show. he had a part of it. promoted on radio, net and etc. the heat i have is him taking money from the fans then blowing the cash and leaving.. found out also he pulled the same a while back saying he had dizziness and head problems and one other time with his knee..GIVERS BEWARE. i have never said this to anyone before but i hope for ur sake that u are really sick and not lying. cause i will have my attorney check on ur condition and get justice for the fans..ITS NOT ABOUT ME OR AAW ITS ABOUT U TAKING FROM THE FANS."

To me the big deal is not no showing one show for another, It's saying your sick to get money and sympathy from others if your not. Now I have worked with OZ for years and I hope that not the case. 
OZ has said he will provide proof of his illness this week. So when he put's this up we will give you a update. Til then let the controversy continue. 


oz said...

I made The news cool..... but if they want to see the papers they can

Ronald Bryson said...

well i quit reffing last year docs said i need to for sake of my knees cartilage issues . i can do one from time to time if i choose if i do thats my choice. i have not made a big deal out of me quitting. i would like to ref a match from time to time i just cant do match skip and do another docs said my knees wouldnt hold up thru the heat up and cool down process. point being i have not asked for any kind of benefit. hell have the guys in back and the fans is benefit enough. anyways i like oz always have i also hope he is not scamming the workers and fans

Ronald Bryson said...

i have been told to quit. well i had to quit last year docs said my knees couldnt take the heat up and cool down between matches i can and may do a show from time to time where i ref 1 match or maybe 2 but i cannot do a weekly show any longer. i miss the workers and fans i may try to do a show here and there i just hope oz is on the level i have always thought he was a good guy