Thursday, August 29, 2013

Ric Flair does not think TNA will be around much longer

Source: The Steve Austin Show

As noted earlier, Ric Flair recently appeared on Steve Austin's podcast. In part two of the interview, which was released yesterday, Flair was asked about his time in TNA. While Flair admitted that working with TNA President Dixie Carter was "great," he wasn't that bullish about the company's future.

"I don't think much longer," Flair replied, after Austin asked how much longer the company could stay in business. "They're making live TV now. Her [Dixie Carter] father's tremendously wealthy, but at some point of time, you've gotta say man," to which Austin added, "a write-off becomes a loss."

You can listen to Ric Flair on The Steve Austin Show by clicking here.


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