Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Keeping It REEL: Dressing The Part

Terry Taylor once told me,"Dress for the job you want, not the job you have."  Two men walk into a room.  One is wearing dirty blue jeans with a small oil stain.  His jeans are torn and ragged. His CM Punk "Best In The World" t shirt has faded over time.  Yet he wears the shirt with pride from the last WWE house show he attended where he held up a sign clearly stating his gimmick name and an arrow pointing down.  His New Balance tennis shoes has holes along the seams, but he doesn't mind. He will slip his custom made all white karate kick pads over them before making his way to the ring. His five o clock shadow shows he is tough and his hair unbrushed. No worries cause he will just spray water and run his fingers through his hair before HIS big wrestle mania moment tonight. The second individual walks in wearing a suit and tie. His slacks are clean and pressed. His shirt and tie fixed neatly. He is clean shaven and his hair is nice and neat. His shoes are polished. His bag is opened to reveal his matching gear is clean, doesn't smell, and are neatly folded. Both of these individuals are entering a professional wrestling dressing room. Both will garner attention. One good and one bad. The wrestling business is about standing out. Both of these guys are talented. But one will be working the opener and one is main eventing. Can you guess which is which?  The first individual is dressed like we all dress from time to time. I wear similar clothing when I mow my yard.  No one will pay money that they have earned at their job to see the guy who mows his yard flip flop around in a wrestling ring. The second looks like a movie star. I will spend my hard earned money to see a star in a movie or wrestling match. Both guys may be able to "steal the show" but only one will put a butt every 18 inches. One has it made and one will be fighting an uphill battle to make little Suzy believe that the guy that dad yells at for cutting down the tulips, can defeat the evil villain. What you wear doesn't determine what you can do in the ring. But it does show a respect for what roads have been paved before you. I know some individuals will look at you twice upon entering the locker room dressed nice. But so will the fans. That is standing out and isn't that the whole purpose.
Special challenge: At the next show you are on, focus on SELLING MORE but BUMPING LESS.
Until next time, Keep It REEL!

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