Tuesday, August 27, 2013

KEEPING IT REEL: Answering the Haters

Let me first say it has been a long time. I have taken a bit of a hiatus from independent wrestling for a while now. Not 100% by choice, but I'll get to that later. I have noticed that it seemed I had to defend anything I have done as of late whether it be working as an agent, making guest appearances, or providing a capable character for customers of MLoW to offer another venue for the ladies there and open up a whole new genre. Finally I have come to realization that I live my own life and make my own choices. And I don't care what anyone outside of my close friends or family think. So with that said here we go from day one. I do not have to tell this story, but I am to get it out and people can stop watching my life like every breath I take affects them in some way.
In March of 2012 I went to a local doctor for some nagging ailments that had been lingering for a while. I was informed of some neck and back problems that wouldn't go away with my work rate as a wrestler.  So I was advised to retire from performing on a regular basis. I took the advice and set up my final match with a guy I have so much respect for in Kid Nikels in Truman, AR.  The night was beautiful and special to me. Austin Lane as a regular performer in the business I love went away. Now at that time my plan was to move behind the scenes and help wrestlers and promotions in either an agent or booker role. But due to people complaining or questioning my every move, I decided to step away completely from the business I love. I no longer had contact or seen the friends in the business that I love. I gave up so much more than regular in ring wrestling than I had planned because if people that should have no impact on my life. I was called regularly by promoters and wrestlers trying to book me, but I turned them down. Fast forward a year later. In March of this year, my grandmother passed away. I was extremely close to both of my grandmothers and I lost both in a short amount of time. My grandmas helped make me into the man I am and in turn the performer I became. My grandma hated the day I retired and told me to just continue on a limited basis. I did not listen and now she is gone. After that happened I did some soul searching. I talked to my lovely and supporting wife Nikki and my great kids. I also decided to get my health problems fixed. I am happy and loving life. I send so much time with my family and realized all that I had given up over years of wrestling. And yes I continue to help the great people at MLoW every taping. I was contacted to be a special referee at a show in Jonesboro in September and have decided to accept. I have also decided that if I chose to return to the ring on a very limited basis be it once or twice a year in a situation beneficial to me, my family, and the business, then that is my choice and no one else's.  Hopefully I can land a booking role for a promotion and continue to see my friends that I have missed. But regardless it is my choice. And it is a choice that the people close to me have and will support. To everyone else, I guess you will have to live with whatever I choose. I have so much more to offer this business and the talented individuals in this area besides performing in the ring. 
So now that I have put this out there I want to say thank you for your time and I think I will live MY own life now without any outside influence from people that don't have any say in it anyways. So if I decide to wrestle, manage, or referee once or twice a year, get over it.

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Brody Hawk said...

Well put! As long as you and your family are happy with the choices you make then who cares what anybody else thinks or says... Go have fun that's what it is all about.