Tuesday, August 13, 2013


The night began with a challenge made by Nathan Aulridge to Chaz Stone in a winner kisses the other ones foot. Chaz got the pin but in Aulrige fashion he didn't hold up his end of the deal.
The match up between 1/2 of 24/7 Kross and Tim Poole was once again the most anticipated matchup of the night. Tim was still seeking revenge in the attack on his wife Edith. This one was not a wrestling match but an all out street fight. Hollywood brought out a board and gave to Kross who turned and hit Tim in the stomach and then broke it over his head. He then proceeded to strap Tim's hands and feet together and was about to him with a chair when a member of security came into the ring and grabbed the chair from Kross. This brought on a confrontation between the two. Kross's tag team partner JR Mauler then hit the ring from the back and hit the member of security in the back. 24/7 then continued their assault on the two lifeless bodies in the ring. Tim and Edith's son then hit the ring with an "Equalizer" followed by Superstar Bill Dundee and 24/7 ran out of the ring. A challenge was issued by Dundee to 24/7 for this Saturday night and he stated his partner would be Tim and Edith's son. The challenge was excepted so this one will be one for the history books.
The semi main event was Buzz Harley going against Smooth Inc. member Chris Cade w/Smooth. It appeared that Harley had this one in the bag when Cade used the ropes for leverage to get the win.
The Hollywood Clique as usual caused total chaos during the main event on Saturday night. TNA standout "The Natural" Chase Stevens and Bonecrusher matched up against Hollywood Clique members Brody Hawk and Steve Masters with Hollywood Jimmy Blaylock at ringside. This was a fight from the ringing of the bell. Brody Hawk came around with an elbow and caught referee Turtle in the jaw knocking him to the ground. Referee Joey Lynn came to the ring where he raised the hand of the Clique but Turtle informed him he was restarting the match because Hawk elbowe3d him on purpose. This resulted in Stevens and Bone getting a double rollup pin to get the 1 2 3. The Clique was livid that they were "cheated" out of the win... so they say. Hollywood called Edith Poole to the ring telling her they were cheated and demanded satisfaction. She informed them that the win was a legitimate win. Steve Masters too exception to what she said and slapped her. Then they turned their attention on the announcers who they left lying behind the announcer's table. After going to the back Hawk and Masters returned to continue their attack on Axeman and Coach leaving them in a heap on the floor. Coach then received a pile driver courtesy of Brody Hawk. Apparently they had not wreaked enough havoc Hawk decided that he needed to show his authority and grabbed the her by the hair of the head. All of this definitely did not meet the approval of the EPW fans. What will the Clique do this week when they face Chase Stevens and Bonecrusher again.....Is anyone at EPW safe from their attacks ?????? Only one way to find out .....BE THERE.... SAME NIGHT..... SAME PLACE....SAME TIME.... THE OAST FEW WEEKS HAVE FOR SURE PROVEN THAT YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT WILL HAPPEN OR WHO WILL SHOW UP AT EPW.......

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