Sunday, August 25, 2013


Could the Phenomenal One, who has been with TNA since its inception, be on the way out the door? And would it be because Styles is ready to move on, or just the latest snafu from Dixie Carter and team?
AJ Styles has been with TNA since the company's inception, one of only three men to do so. But in addition to his character being adrift due to the promotion's start and stop support of his reboot as an "outsider" (to say nothing of the embarrassingly Three's Company-esque affair with Dixie Carter and/or Claire Lynch storyline), he may be leaving the show he is synonymous with as well.
PWInsider is reporting that AJ's contract is up next month and that there are several reports that the two sides are not close on a deal. Styles would not be the first to have his contract lapse or for the signing of a new deal to come down to the last possible minute. Similar situations have come to pass with Devon, Samoa Joe and Bobby Roode.
Adding more fuel to the rumor fire on this is Styles' own Facebook page, which earlier today asked:
One of the interesting things about this story is whether or not a change of scenery might be good for Styles at this point. He's been loyal to the company for more than a decade and, while he is to TNA what Sting used to be to WCW, the closest he's been to the main event since the end of his last title run three years ago was the angle that barred him from a World Championship match until Bound for Glory 2013.
The other is that TNA's contract logistics and negotiation problems were usually hung on the head of Bruce Prichard. But with Prichard no longer in the Talent Relations role for the company, who will be blamed if AJ is allowed to walk?
What do you think? Is it time for AJ Styles to be phenomenal somewhere else? And can TNA afford to lose one of their original wrestlers?
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