Thursday, July 25, 2013

Hollywood Heather A Wrestling Diva-In-Waiting (Mike Mooneyham's column)

From Mike Mooneyham:

Step inside The Funking Conservatory, a school of higher learning for wrestling hopefuls with aspirations of making it to the big show, and you get a glimpse of the future.

On any given night, chances are good that you'll see an array of talent with bright and promising careers in front of them.

Students travel from around the world to attend the elite school, run by former NWA world champion Dory Funk Jr., bringing with them hopes of one day being cheered by thousands of fans at major arenas or watched by millions more on television.

Some trainees, such as Heather Webber, don't have to go very far in search of a dream.

Webber, better known as “Hollywood Heather,” is a homegrown talent from Ocala.

She's also a WWE diva-in-waiting.

“Six feet of blonde perfection” is how the attractive 22-year-old describes herself.

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