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OWO Amory,MS 6-28-13 Pictures

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The Axeman Speaks 6/30/2013 - The End of an Era - The Torch Has Been Passed!

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Greetings, wrestling fans!

Webster's New World Dictionary and Student Handbook gives the following definition of the word INTEGRITY:
"The quality of being honest and trustworthy; honesty or uprightness."

Saturday, June 22, 2013, marked the end of an era in professional wrestling in the Mid-South area. Darrell and Susan Bruff, owners of Magnificent Ladies Wrestling, have officially retired and sold "The Mag." They will be missed - greatly.

Several years ago, Darrell and Susan started an all women's wrestling organization, literally on a wing and a prayer. There were many who said it would never get off the ground. There were those who said a ladies wrestling company would never make it, especially one that relied on selling custom matches and downloads.

Fast forward several years. Magnificent Ladies Wrestling is alive and well. In fact, it is thriving, thanks to the hard work, dedication, blood, sweat, and tears of the owners, Darrell and Susan. Oh, no doubt about it, they had some rough times - some VERY rough times. There were a couple of times Darrell was ready to give up, but he did not. There was a time when a very unscrupulous individual tried to put the organization completely out of business. Although facing a very underhanded attack, Darrell stood his ground, with professionalism and integrity, and eventually won. 

Were mistakes made? You bet, but Darrell and Susan learned from them. Slowly their hard work began to pay off, and Magnificent Ladies Wrestling eventually morphed into a successful, highly respected, first class ladies wrestling organization.

Darrell and Susan beat the odds and proved that a ladies wrestling company CAN be successful. How did they do it, you might ask? By doing something that, unfortunately, is rare, and becoming more rare each day in the world of professional wrestling. They did business with the utmost INTEGRITY. Their word was good. If they told you it would be a certain way, then that's the way it was. If they said they would pay a certain amount, that's what they paid. By doing business that way they earned the respect and loyalty of their customers, staff, and wrestlers from all over the country, and that is why they were successful.

So... If you are an indy promoter, booker, or wrestler, of if you aspire to be involved in pro wrestling in any capacity, I suggest you look at the way Darrell and Susan have done business, and do business the same way, with integrity. You will be glad you did.

Darrell and Susan, I want to take this opportunity to wish you all the best in the future. Thank you for your contribution to wrestling, and in particular to women's wrestling. Good luck, and God bless!

The torch has now been passed. The new owner of Magnificent Ladies Wrestling is Destiny. I am sure Destiny will do a great job. I have been told that Destiny intends to run a lot more house shows, which I think is a good thing. She will do a great job! Congratulations, Destiny!

The first custom match taping under Destiny's ownership is scheduled for July 27, 2013. I trust that everyone will continue to support Magnificent Ladies Wrestling! Hurry and place your custom match orders, the slots are filling up fast! The new address for ordering matches is

The Axeman has spoken.

SPWA benefit for Don Bass 7/5 in Ramer, TN

Diamond Pro Wrestling results from 6/29 in Dublin, GA

Diamond Pro Wrestling was in Dublin, GA on June 29th. Results: Jake Slater defeated James Swat. David Tita defeated Kameron Kade. The Gentlemen's Club defeated Georgia Boy & Tommy Lee. Tetchi Makuji vs. Scotty Bullwinkle ended in a double countout. Dirty Dawg defeated James Drake.

Credit: Brian Slack @

WWE prepares for move to Orlando for WWE Performance Center opening



WWE started breaking down all materials and rings at the FCW Arena in Tampa this week in preparation for the move for the new WWE Performance Center. It's scheduled to open the weekend of 7/8 with a big grand opening for invited media on 7/11. Developmental is expected to be completely transitioned to Orlando by 7/11.

Credit: The Wrestling Observer/Figure Four Online via

TNA retires Knockouts Tag Team Championship

TNA has removed the TNA Knockouts Tag Team Championships from the official roster page over on The tag team titles were first introduced back in September 2009 and were last held by Eric Young and ODB.

Credit: via

NWA Smoky Mountain results from 6/29 in Kingsport, TN



NWA Summer Bash Results
Saturday, June 29, 2013
Kingsport, TN @ The Civic Auditorium

1. Southern TV Champion, Alyx Winters defeated Jeff Connelly in a No-Time Limit Match when Connelly passed out in the Illuminati Lock submission hold

2. Will Huckaby defeated the debuting Shynron "The Spirit Dragon"
--- After the match, Huckaby's manager, Dylan Sizemore had a confrontation with former NWA Smoky Mountain TV host, Matt Rhodes. Rhodes had bought a ticket to the event. He was escorted out of the building by security after he shoved Sizemore.

3. Sigmon defeated Elliot Russell defeated by DQ when Russell threw Sigmon over the top rope.

4. NWA World Junior Heavyweight Champion, Chase Owens defeated Joe Black in a Non-Title Match

5. Zac Vincent & Matt Conard defeated Air America (Skylar Kruze & Gavin Daring) to become the new NWA Tennessee Tag Team Champions
--- Before the match, Matt Rhodes rushed into the ring after Dylan Sizemore, but was attacked by Vincent, Conard and Josh Crawford.

6. NWA Smoky Mountain Champion, Jason Kincaid defeated Wolfie D

7. Chris Richards won a 20 Man Mountain Mayhem Battle Royal to earn a shot at the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Title on August 10 in Kingsport.

IWA Wrestling Tv Program Update

Got a message that Comcast is having technical problems with this week's footage which is out of our hands. They will have the problem fixed next week.

ASW Card for 7/3 in Shelbyville, TN

All-State Wrestling will be at the Big T Arena in Shelbyville, TN, on July 3. 

Four-way barbed wire cage match for the ASW Title 
Tim Renesto vs. Yukon Jack vs. Buzz Dupp vs. Damien Payne

Ben & Glen Mullins vs. Lex Victory and J.R. the Referee in a fan lumberjack match

Gary Valiant vs. Chris Michaels in a falls count anywhere match

Tracy Smothers vs. Hot Rod Biggs

Mike Woods vs. Drew Haskins

Jeremiah Plunkett vs. LBK. 

Bell time is 8:00 PM.

Press Release: TCW Announces National TV Deal

June 29, 2013
LITTLE ROCK, AR., June 29, 2013- TCW Wrestling and the Pursuit Channel
today announced that TCW's weekly 1-hour HD professional wrestling program
will air beginning on Fridays at midnight central time. TCW Wrestling will debut
on July 5, 2013 and feature professional wrestlers around the world. The show
will be available in over 37-million U.S. television households on the Pursuit
Channel, a specialty television channel that airs program geared to hunting,
fishing, outdoor recreation, and ring sports. It will air on Dish Network channel
240/393 and DIRECTV channel 604.
"This is an exciting opportunity that opens the doors to in exess of 37-million
homes. We look forward to a long relationship with the Pursuit Channel," said
Tom Parker, VP of Talent Relations, TCW Wrestling. "We are excited about
bringing our fans to the Pursuit Channel every Friday night."
TCW Wrestling features professional wrestling that is hard hitting and realistic in
nature. Taped in an intimate setting, TCW brings back the "old school" feel that
fans of the squared circle enjoyed for many years.
About TCW:
TCW, a professional wrestling company, is independently owned and based in
Little Rock, AR. The company consists of a passionate group of veterans and
young stars that seek to re-create the art of wrestling. TCW is committed to
providing hard-hitting, family-oriented entertainment to the masses in a logical,
realistic format. 
Additional information on TCW can be found at
About Pursuit Channel:
The Pursuit Channel is based in Luverne, Alabama and launched in 2008. It's tag
line is "IT'S A WAY OF LIFE." For more information, visit
Media Contacts:
Barry Linduff
Investor/Sales Contact:
Tom Parker
Trademark: TCW Wrestling is a registered trademark and exclusive property to

Saturday, June 29, 2013

USA Championship Wrestling On June 30th In Nashville

Check Out IWA Today At Noon On Comcast Channel 31

Just received word that IWA will be airing today at noon on Comcast Channel 31.  IWA will now air every Saturday.  Comcast has been having technical problems, but tune in to check it out.  Most likely everything will be great!

Friday, June 28, 2013

Second generation professional wrestler Matt Borne, a.k.a. former WWF(E) Superstar THE ORIGINAL Doink The Clown, passes away

(July 27th, 1957-
June 28th, 2013) 

Mike Johnson

Matt Osbourne,
better known as "Maniac" Matt Borne,
Big Josh
and the original Doink the Clown
in the WWF,
has passed away.

Details on his passing
are still developing.

Osbourne was found this morning in Texas,
where he had been staying of late,
by his girlfriend.
Osbourne would have turned 57
next month.

A second generation star,
Osbourne was the son of
"Tough" Tony Borne,
a star who challenged
for the NWA World title
during his career
and was most prominently known
in the Texas and Pacific Northwest territories.
It was that same Northwest region
that Osbourne debuted
after being trained by his father,
working for Don Owen's promotion.

Billed as "Maniac" Matt Borne,
he was a tough, bruiser of a wrestler
and was a natural for the business.
It was his streak for wild behavior
outside the ring
that often prevented him
from having big money runs
in the business
and causing the premature end
of a number of pushes
in different companies.

After making his name,
Osbourne worked a number of different territories,
including Mid-South Wrestling,
where he teamed with Ted DiBiase
and Hacksaw Duggan as babyfaces
known as the "Ratpack",
playing off the famous entertain trio of the era
by the same name.
He and Duggan actually ended up having heat
with each other
during that time period,
which actually turned into a legitimate shoot decades later
during a PWS independent event
in New Jersey just a few years back.

Osbourne moved to
Georgia Championship Wrestling,
where he and Arn Anderson were tapped
to become a top duo there.
Allegations against Osbourne
and a potential legal case
led to his quick exit.

Osbourne's travels took him to the WWF
in the early 1980s
and he worked the first Wrestlemania card,
losing to Ricky Steamboat,
who had just started with the promotion.

He wasn't long for WWF
and Osbourne moved around
for most of the 1980s
working for all the major territories
as they dried up one by one.
He had a big push
in World Class Championship Wrestling,
teaming with Buzz Sawyer
to win the World Class Tag straps
and also had a run
as The Texas Heavyweight champion.
But, the territories were fewer and fewer
as the 80s went on,
making it harder and harder to find work,
so the journey never ended for the journeyman.

Osbourne returned to national TV
was brought in by Dusty Rhodes
to World Championship Wrestling
in 1991.
Although he was an old school guy
in how he protected the business
and presented himself,
this time,
he was not Matt Borne.
Instead, he was given a makeover
and became Big Josh.
His past in the business
was completely ignored
as he morphed into a fan turned wrestler.
The idea was he was a simple country outdoorsman,
complete with an entrance accompanied by bears
on major PPVs.
If you think Hillbilly Jim in the 1980s WWF,
it was similar in vein to Big Josh.

While in WCW,
Osbourne had several title runs
 (United States tag belts with Ron Simmons
and a WCW Six Man Tag run
with Z-Man and Dustin Rhodes)
but was never pushed as anything more
than just an undercard babyface character.
That sort of character seemed out of place in WCW,
even in 1991
where the company was floundering creatively
after the loss of Ric Flair.
Osbourne left the company after a year. 

Osbourne was brought back to the WWF in 1993.
With the advent of the Monday Night Raw era,
a slew of new personalities were introduced.
The knock on WWF had been that it had become a circus
among old school wrestling fans.

With Osbourne,
WWF now had their clown -
dressed as a clown with bright green wig,
white, red and blue facepaint
and a colorful polka-dotted outfit,
he began appearing in the audience at shows.

Over time, it was revealed that Doink
was an evil clown.
He would pull cruel pranks on fans at ringside
and eventually,
on the late Bryan "Crush" Adams,
attacking him with a fake arm
he pulled out of a sling.
Doink was off to the races,
including a Wrestlemania 9 appearance
where he defeated Crush after a second,
identical Doink (Steve Keirn)
came from under the ring.
It was twin magic well before
there was a Bella Twin in sight.

The multiple Doinks
became the calling card
of the character
and also allowed Doink to appear
on multiple events
taking place at the same time on the road.
Steve Lombardi
(The Brooklyn Brawler)
would often end up playing
a Doink on the road as well.

For most of 1993,
Osbourne was in the WWF mix,
working Bret Hart at Summerslam that year
and having an extended series of matches
with Mr. Perfect Curt Hennig
in a tournament for the vacant
Intercontinental championship.

Having done his run as a heel,
the decision was made to turn Osbourne babyface,
although that turn would eventually see
the end of his career
on a national level.

Following a number of personal issues,
WWF opted to let Osbourne go,
instead hiring Northeastern independent wrestler
Ray Apollo
to portray Doink from that point on.
Apollo officially debuted in a vignette
at the 1993 Survivor Series.

Osbourne never played the character
for WWF again,
with the exception of the Raw 15th Anniversary show,
where his old foe Steamboat,
now an agent,
suggested he be brought in for the role.

Osbourne hit the indy scene
as Doink almost immediately,
working all over the United States
as well as overseas as the character.
Doink on the indy scene was a hot draw.
The character was all over WWF TV,
allowed Osbourne
(and others who had no business playing the role)
to make decent money with bookings
and merchandise money.

Osbourne also had a short run in the original ECW,
debuting as Doink in a tournament for the NWA title.
Doink was a mystery opponent for ECW mascot 911,
who quickly destroyed him
with a series of chokeslams.
This allowed Paul Heyman to rip on the WWF
by declaring that this,
"Wasn't the circus, it was E-C-W!"
That night,
Shane Douglas won and rejected the NWA title,
instead declaring the ECW belt the
"ECW World Heavyweight championship"
and that he was going to bring the sport
back to pro wrestling.

As part of that plan,
initially was Matt Borne.
Christened "Borne Again",
the idea was that Douglas had brought the wrestler
back out of the clown.
Borne was muscle for Douglas and worked alongside him
for several months.
When it came time for ECW's big November to Remember weekend,
Osbourne had overseas dates that conflicted.
He later claimed in an interview here
that he was told by Paul Heyman
to take the overseas dates,
but when he returned,
there was no longer a spot for him.

Over the ensuing years,
Osbourne continued to be an old school journeyman wrestler,
working independents where he could find bookings,
making the convention circuit appearances
and working as a mentor and trainer
to different wrestlers in areas
where he was located
at different times.
He also tried his hand in promoting
in the Garfield, NJ area
a few years back.

All of us here
at Wrestling News
would like to extend our most sincere,
heartfelt condolences
to the family and friends
of the late, great Matt Borne,
Doink The Clown.  


IWA presents LIBERATION on Friday, July 5th in Memphis, TN

Steel Rage Pro Wrestling-Saturday, June 29th in Sapulpa, OK

Global Championship Wrestling Presents "Red White, and Bruised" on Saturday June 29th in Pell City, Alabama

USWO results from 6/23 in Millersville, TN

66 paid at the SAWmill

Psycho Medic beat Big Time Sexy in 5:00 with the Lethal Injection

Miss Rachel beat Hardcore Heather Owens in 11:00 with the Fish'N'Chips suplex

Nick Iggy & Kerry Awful beat Dyron Flynn & Prince Omar Al-Kazan in 9:00 when Iggy pinned Prince after Prince missed a cane shot and inadvertently hit himself

Part one of the podcast includes a visit from USWO Commissioner Pie Guy Gordon!

Weston Cage beat Zack Hartnell in 8:00 with The Feet On The Ropes

Kevin Weatherby (w/Preston Weatherby) b Josh Crow in 9:00 with a flip piledriver

USWO Music City Champion Justin Grandberry beat LT Falk and TNT Mottley in a 3-way in 8:00 when he pinned Motley with a Thesz press

Chris Michaels (w/James Pedigo & Victor Van Glorious) beat Mike Jablonski in 5:00 using Van Glorious' briefcase to hit Jablonski to win the USWO Championship for the fifth time

Part two of the podcast is here including words from Tony Falk!

Credit: Mid-Southern Wrestling message board

ASW Card for 6/29 in Lewisburg, TN

All Star Wrestling
Saturday, June 29th
ASW House of Pain
2224 Mooresville Hwy, Lewisburg, TN
Doors Open at 6pm; Belltime is 8pm
Adults $5, Kids 5 & under FREE

Main Event for the ASW Championship
ASW Champion
Damien Payne
Beautiful Bobby Lowe

Tag Team Championship Match
ASW Tag Team Champions
Super Sharp - Superstar Mikey Dunn & Lawrence The Sharp Dressed Man
ASW United States Champion Yukon Jack & The Freakshow

J.P. Cage Jones
Priceless Petey St. Croix

Iceman Chris Kerns
Sweet Shane Morton

Honey Badger Mark Dunnavant
Sensei Phil Macchio

CAC memorial to Jackie Fargo

Here is a link to a memorial to Jackie fargo from the Cauliflower Alley Club:

TCW News

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TCW Remembers Jackie Fargo
The men and women of TCW mourn the death of Memphis legend Jackie Fargo. Jackie appeared for TCW on September 15, 2012 in what became Jackie's last wrestling-related appearance in Memphis. The entire TCW family extends its sympathies to the family, friends and fans of "Fabulous" Jackie Fargo.

Click on the video below to watch his last televised wrestling appearance.

TCW Web Exclusive:  Fabulous Jackie Fargo's Last Wrestling Appearance 
TCW Web Exclusive: "Fabulous" Jackie Fargo's Last Wrestling Appearance
Watch the Latest Episode of TCW Wrestling TV
TCW Show 13-24       
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The talk of the summer has been the Best of Seven Series and this is our main event. But first things first. The Board of Directors has been very busy and people who were gone are back!!!

Bu Ku Dao feels badly that Michael Barry did not get his International Title back. So he wants to make it making an outrageous challenge!!!!

Sigmon seems to be on an emotional roller coaster lately and he is taking on TCW newcomer Vordell Walker. Is he mentally stable enough to meet the challenge?

Colonel Parker drops the bombshell of the year!!!! This may set the company on a new course and The Empire is scrambling for control of ANYTHING!!!!!

In case you haven't noticed, Tarver makes his debut in TCW™ and tells it like it is. The man with the 1.9 second knockout punch is in TCW and shooting for championship gold.

OK...Match two of the Best of Seven Series for the TCW Junior Heavyweight Championship takes place between Champion Kincaid and challenger John Saxon. Boyd Bradford is barred from ringside for the entire series!!!

Matt Rhodes and Brian Thompson host along with interviewer Jason Jones.

Features "Psycho Intentions" by Reign of Fury, "Blind Faith" by Method of Doubt and "Maverick" by Sudden Verge - all available for download on iTunes.

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Saturday, July 6, 2013 - 6:30 PM
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Tons of New Photos Added to the Website
LilyRecently, we added tons of new photos to our website featuring many of the biggest stars in TCW Wrestling, including Lily (pictured right). 

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  • TCW Championship Match: "King" Shane Williams vs. Chris (Masters) Adonis
  • Mixed Tag Team Action: Featuring Jerry Lynn on his 2012 Retirement Tour
  • Carlito vs. All That Alan Steel
  • "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan vs. "The Crown Prince of Crimson" Prince al Farat
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