Thursday, May 30, 2013

A BRAND NEW OWNER has been named at Magnificent Ladies Wrestling

*******PRESS RELEASE*******
-Thursday, May 30th, 2013-

As owners
of Magnificent Ladies Wrestling,
we are PROUD to announce
that Susan and mine (Darrell)'s last taping
will be June 22nd
as owners,
but we are even more PROUD to announce
"The Queen Of Destruction"
(a.k.a. Kristy Cluxton)

has agreed in principle
to purchase the company
and continue on the great tradition
that you
(the wrestling fans)
have become accustomed to,
and (she) will do
an even better job
of running the company
than we ever did.

We have the utmost respect
for Destiny,
and we know
she will make it
an even better company
for your custom match future.

Help us in honoring Destiny
with her new company!
More details to come later!

As of Thursday evening,
May the 30th, 
as far as 
the Board Of Directors
regarding the sale purchase 
Magnificent Ladies Wrestling 
"The Queen Of Destruction"
is concerned......


All of us here
@ Wrestling News Center
would like to sincerely congratulate
"The Queen Of Destruction"
upon being named
the BRAND NEW owner
Magnificent Ladies Wrestling,
and we also want to sincerely wish
both Mr. Darrell (Bruff)
and his wife,
Mrs. Susan,
the very best of luck
in every & all
of their future plans & endeavors!

for those of you
who are female PROFESSIONAL wrestlers
(or male for that matter)
that are interested
in future, possible bookings
with Magnificent Ladies Wrestling,
you can contact Destiny
either via her Facebook Page:

or you can send her a message
via the OFFICIAL
Magnificent Ladies Wrestling
Facebook Fan Page Site:

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