Sunday, March 17, 2013


I was able to talk to "3G" Eric Wayne and this is what he told me. He stiffed everyone. Rikishi for half his pay, only bc it was sent to him ahead of time. No one else got what they were expecting. Trevor got most of his but still got fd. Nathan starling is the "promoter" that's responsible. He lied about pretty much everything from having money to booking rooms for talent. What Trevor did was tame compared to what happened in the office. I talked to him (STARLING) earlier and he's agreeing to pay me but it'll take a week.

Now you ask what happened in the office!? And for the record this is not from Eric. From the stories I was told from my sources.
(3) Wrestlers went into the office and confronted  the promoter, they strongly requested Starling drink there urine out of a cup. also he was roughed up and striped naked and kicked out of the building. The promoter left and went strait back to his home in another state.

clearly this is a wild story! Mr.Starling wrote me back and said this. Why should i give my story man everyone wont belive me anyways. i will say i should not been treated that way and think its rong and messed up.

I asked Mr.Starling to tell me his side and I would put his side up. He did not respond.There are rumors that he will promote another show again but not sure where it will be held. Im sure we have not heard the last of this story. If we do Wrestling News Center will be your source.


Brianna said...

One of the worst shows ever only 4 matches

Anonymous said...

Well I was there, and the event was a terrible shame. First, there was no mention of the wrestlers charging for their autographs. They do this at ball card shows in baseball. Trevor Murdoch and Bobby Eaton were class acts. Derrick King was as well. Rikishi stiffed me for 20 dollars. He signed my action figure and then held it for ransom aka money. He was the one that grabbed it out of my hand and signed it prematurely. I was going to use 10 of it to get Lawler's autograph. Brian Christopher didnt even come out. Ricky Morton didn't even show up. I also saw shady dealings from Robert Gibson demanding some of the money that was passed around. I would like to talk to whoever put on the show and tell them it was completely deplorable how it was ran. I came all the way from Humboldt to attend.

Anonymous said...

Nathan starling ....the promoter for RINGSIDE WRESTLING ENTERTAINMENT rented our equipment and facilities to hold his one time event tribute to the stars event. Pwe/all action wrestling nor ucw had anything to do with that show/promotion. Next Friday diamond Dallas page and Jake the snake Roberts will be in union city Tennessee at the.giant flea market. Come see how a promotion is supposed to be ran.