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WWE Royal Rumble Results-The Rock NEW WWE CHAMPION

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The Rock def. WWE Champion CM Punk

World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio def. Big Show (Last Man Standing Match)

John Cena won the 30-Man Royal Rumble Match

WWE Tag Team Champions Team Hell No def. Team Rhodes Scholars

U.S. Champion Antonio Cesaro def. The Miz (Pre-Show) Four Weekly Online's Royal Rumble live coverage from Phoenix


Good for a pre-show match. They traded near falls. Miz did a unique injury on his left leg when he jumped off the top rope and landed badly. The finish saw Cesaro throw Miz into the side of the ring, and then hit the Neutralizer, dropping him on his left knee, for the pin. The coolest spot was where Miz jumed in the air and Cesaro turned him in mid-air into a spinning backbreaker.


Before the match they did a backstage skit where Bret Hart endorsed Del Rio as a world champion. He called Del Rio a Mexican Bret Hart and Del Rio said Hart was a Canadian Alberto Del Rio. Ricardo Rodriguez acted all star struck by Hart and Hart gave Rodriguez the Bret Hart sunglasses. He came out and did the ring introduction wearing the Hart shades. Del Rio is being pushed as "The Pride of Mexico."

Long match with a few teased ten counts including once when Show threw Del Rio off a structure backstage through a table. Lots of chair shots, Del Rio used a fire extinguisher. The key spot was Show going for a tackle and Del Rio moved and Show went through the barricade. Del Rio used the fire extinguisher as well as a chair shot to the elbow. Del Rio put Show in the armbar while Rodriguez (who had been thrown into the barricade earlier) used an entire roll of duct tape on Show ankles and with him tied up, he couldn't beat the ten count. Some clumsy stuff early, match was good overall.

Dolph Ziggler said Vickie Guerrero was bitter, jaded and pathetic. He said he's entering No. 1. He did note 1 and 2 are the same. A.J. called him "My Ziggy." Big E Langston did a mock announcer interviewer. Ziggler said said he was going to set the record for the longest time, win the Rumble, then win the world title with the briefcase and win the WWE title with the Rumble win and unify the belts.


Average match. They worked on Bryan most of the match until he hot tagged Kane. Bryan had a blind tag at the finish, hit the missile dropkick on Rhodes and Kane then choke slammed Rhodes. Bryan then put Sandow in the no lock for the submission.

Vickie Guerrero gave Kane and Bryan their entrance numbers. Kane was happy and Bryan wasn't. They did some double entenders. Bryan showed Kane his number but Kane wouldn't show Bryan his. So looks like Bryan is coming in early.


Looks like we're going to have a really long Rumble. Ziggler and A.J. were making out. I don't know about that ring outfit that Langston was wearing. Chris Jericho out with him.

John Cena won throwing Ryback over the top when they were the final two. A good Rumble. Jericho was the biggest surprise and he went 48 minutes while Ziggler went 49 minutes from the start. Other surprises were Godfather and Goldust. Godfather was only in a few seconds. Sheamus was in the final three. Goldust and half-brother Cody Rhodes were going at it a lot. Bryan threw out Kane. Bryan was knocked off the apron into Kane's arms and Bryan then begged Kane to carry him back so his feet didn't hit the floor but Kane dropped him. Kofi Kingston was thrown out but jumped on Tensai's back and ended up on the announcers table. It looked like he was going to try a standing broad jump but it was too far so he got a chair, stood on the chair and hopped with the chair back to the apron. He was dumped pretty quick. They also did an angle where Bo Dallas dumped Wade Barrett and Barrett came back and pulled Dallas out. Barrett gave him the Bull hammer elbow. Ryback was killing people late, gave Cena a scary looking clothesline. Ziggler and Jericho were probably the two big stars of the match. The Shield weren't in the Rumble, Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara were. No other surprises, no Benjamin, Masters or Carlito.

The Rock interview, Rock doesn't get drafted in the NFL. Talked about having $7 in his pocket at 24 years old. Talked about his mom having cancer, but she's here tonight. Showed his Mom. She didn't quit. He vowed to end 434 days of misery. He said that is proof that we all count. Said you and the Rock will beat C.M. Punk. Old Dusty Rhodes style promo.


Really good match. Rock won the title but they did a great swerve with Punk pinning Rock after the lights went out as Rock had the match beat and The Sheild came out. The lights were out and The Shield did the triple-team power bomb on Rock through the English announcers table. Punk put Rock in the ring and pinned him and was announced as the winner.

Vince McMahon came out and went to strip Punk of the title for The Shield interfering. Rock, who was selling like he was dead, on his back, said that you aren't going to take the title from him that way, I'm going to. They went 2:00 more with Rock kicking out of the Randy Savage elbow and coming back to win with a spinebuster and people's elbow.

There was one really scary spot when Rock was supposed to give Punk a Rock bottom through the Spanish table but the table gave way before he got Punk up. It looked like Rock hurt his knee, but if he did, he worked through it. Rock was freaky big, 265 and cut almost like Strongman Jon Anderson, but much bigger than he was last year. That's where the table spot looked scary because he was so big and that thing gave way when he wasn't ready and looking like that increases the injury risk when something like that happens.

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