Thursday, January 31, 2013

UCW Results for 1-26-13

The Tornado defeated Dirty LiL Dave

Oz Won via Dq Over NRG's Brandon Barbwire with "Jason "The Brain"
After The Match Jason and Anton Leveigh attacked Oz.Giving him 3 Spike Piledrivers and 1 on the wooden stage. Oz was taken to The Emergency Room where he was Diagnosed with a Cervical neck strain. He is out indefinitely.

Big Red & Chris Rocker Defeated The Dirty LiL Gang

The Varsity Boyz and Kowgirl Kissy beat David Andrews, Jon "Biscuit" and Kelly Rayne

NRG's Mr.Everything Anton Leveigh and Pyscho with Jason"The Brain"Defeated The L.A. Hustlers

The UCW Heavyweight Champion Sarge O'Riley Defeated Houston
A masked man hit the ring and laid out Houston and giving Sarge The W.

Only 2 more weeks until the show of the year! get your Tickets before there gone!!!

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