Monday, January 14, 2013

Truoble in Crossfire Wrestling - Is this the beginning of the end? Or just simply the end?

To: undisclosed-recipients:
Subject: Crossfire Wrestling/Apology

Hello Everyone,

I don’t know how to start this email off any better than saying I am
sorry. I sit here lost for words, sick to my stomach and stressed like
I never have been stressed before due to this. Now I know this
probably doesn’t mean anything too you but after speaking with a good
friend in the company about this whole thing, I feel I needed to tell
you the truth of what happened. I am a man of my word and stick by it
but right now my word doesn’t mean anything and I am classified of
another “shady” promoter due this all and I understand you thinking
that completely and please let me explain and hopefully you will
understand, believe me and give me some time as I WILL be taking care
of all of you.

With the January event, it was unprofessional of me to walk in the
fairgrounds with no cash in hand. I made that $25000 deposit which it
should have cleared but was lost and I should have did a team meeting
to let everyone know that but with the stress of the show and hoping
for a good gate to cover a lot of the cash, I was too worried about
that. I appreciated everyone understanding and was going to figure out
the bank mess as they told me I wouldn’t know anything till Monday.
With that, a guy that is a wrestler in the company and also helped
financially with the company for the last 7 months and was a good
friend of mine and another person on the team, told us that he would
be able to get an investment that would triple the money over the
course of 2 days if I got him that money and turned around. Reason
being for doing that was to make sure money was completely paid for
January and also have the March event already paid and in the bank to
pre pay everyone as a thank you. Monday came and fought with the bank
to find out it was a bank error on the bank and you can ask Mike Bucci
who runs a bank as well, he verified with them as well to know it was
their fault and not mine so Crossfire wouldn’t be affected. The money
finally cleared Tuesday afternoon and I took a little more than half
that deposit and gave it to our guy that always helps us to turn that
right around so it would be back in the bank Thursday for everyone’s
checks clearing and being good. What the guy didn’t inform me was he
was putting it in a CD and getting a lean on it but he didn’t look at
all the variables of how long it would take to do that investment
which they said up to a few weeks. With my stress of worrying about
everyone else, I needed that money back and told him to with drawl it
all and bring it back to me to make good on everyone and we will worry
about March right after that. He told me the bank was “holding” the
money till Monday and with that, I was super stressed. I told him that
he personally needed to call each of you that wasn’t paid to let them
know it was his fault on this situation. He started to make calls and
was getting yelled at by some people which I don’t blame you for being
angry and he sent me a message saying F Crossfire, F you Marcus and
everyone involved, I am done and leave me be. I tried to get a hold of
him many times and no answer at all. What this guy basically did was
he took the money and played me and ran. He didn’t like the heat he
was getting so took what he thought was his investment back and went
home. I am still lost for words about this gentleman because he was a
very close friend that was trusted and this shocked me to think this
person this to not only myself but to everyone else and just look out
for him to be selfish. I have in writing his plans for this investment
and I will be reaching out to my attorney, the authorities and whoever
else that can help to get this back.

I have given up everything and I mean everything to build crossfire to
what it is today. I take pride in being I think one of the very few
bosses/promoters out there that take care of the boys and girls and
respect them. I given my good full time jobs, I lost my place to live,
my car and my live to be 100% focused on Crossfire to build it to be
national and have major investors come on board which to tell you
there was two major ones at the January show and very interested. If
you don’t believe me on what I have sacrificed, call Hammerjack as he
is my partner, my right hand person, my best friend and the heart and
soul of this company and he will tell you. He has lost a lot to build
this for everyone as well. I know this doesn’t mean anything to you
and it’s just words but believe me when I say this, this was never my
intention and I am sorry from the bottom of my heart. I have let a lot
of people down and I will not stop till this is all made right. This
guy that also took this money, when I lost my car, he gave me one of
his and with him running, he took his car too from me so I have no car
as well but I am still fighting.

I respect each and every one of you and I know I lost your respect for
me and I understand it will take some time to re build that trust back
up. This is what I promise you and will not stop till this is done. I
will pay everyone for the January event just please give me some time
and I will pre pay everyone for the March event before the event even
happens so everyone isn’t owed anything and we are all in the green on
this. With that and my many apologizes, I hope you will continue to
support Crossfire and one day trust me again. I have to apologize to
my friend Mike Bucci because he has stuck his neck out there for us
many times and still supports us but because of me believing a very
good friend and investor he was doing right, he ultimately did wrong
and screwed over a lot of people. With that, I have lost trust with
any involving money outside of myself, I have lost a very good friend,
I have lost a car for transportation and I have lost a part of me I
will never regain back. I am very depressed over this because I love
each and every one of you guys and care the world for you. Crossfire
is a family that is going to revolutionize the business and I got put
into a spot that I will never forget. I felt like I been robbed and
still don’t know how to take it.

Again, these are just words from Crossfire Entertainment LLC and
Marcus Pastorius but I do hope you believe them. I am writing this
from the heart and being sincere. I hope to hear from everyone and
have the support as I am truly sorry and want to make everything right
and continue success. I been knocked down before and got back up, I am
knocked down again and I am slowly getting back to my feet, please
bare with me and I will make sure my family is taken care of.

Thank you all for everything, look forward to be hearing from you and
again I am sorry and we will make this right.

Marcus Pastorius
Crossfire Entertainment, LLC CEO

Credit: Mid-Southern Wrestling message board

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