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TNA Genesis Results

Quick Results from the Pay-Per-View:

- WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP: Chavo Guerrero & Hernandez def. Matt Morgan & Joey Ryan
- Mr. Anderson def. Samoa Joe
- FINALS OF THE X TOURNAMENT Kenny King vs. Christian York
- X DIVISION CHAMPIONSHIP: Rob Van Dam def. Christian York
- Television Champion Devon Def. Joseph Park
- Knockouts Gauntlet Match for the #1 Contender: Velvet Sky, Gail Kim, Miss Tessmacher, ODB and Mickie James
- Christopher Daniels def. James Storm – Daniels earns World Title match on the January 24 IMPACT
- "The Icon" Sting def. D.O.C. from Aces and Eights
- World Heavyweight Title Match: Jeff Hardy def. Austin Aries and Bobby Roode to retain

Results from the Genesis Pay-Per-View

Joey Ryan and Chavo face off in the ring to start this Tag Team championship match. Hernandez and Chavo immediately clicked from the beginning breaking down Joey Ryan with an offensive to wear down the sleazy star. Joey Ryan made attempts at an offensive, however the team work of Chavo and Hernandez allowed them to maintain. Joey Ryan was finally able to tag in Morgan, which allowed for them to bring things back in their direction. Joey Ryan brought himself back into the match this time with the advantage. Ryan and Morgan kept Hernandez in their corner to wear him down making numerous tags to keep a fresh man in. After a counter by Hernandez he was able to drag himself back to Chavo, but was unable to make a tag and there was some confusion about who the legal man was. The challengers remained in control for several minutes until Hernandez made a tag to Chavo who unleashed a flurry of offenses including a Guerrero family tribute by landing 3 amigos. Morgan attempted to bring things back in their favor but was unable and after Hernandez laid out Joey Ryan, Chavo landed a frog splash and proceeded to get the pin for the win to retain the Tag Team titles.

Mr. Anderson vs. Samoa Joe
Joe seems to have a gripe against Mr. Anderson as he started the match with a high amount of intensity after a somewhat short back and forth argument in the ring. Joe rocked Mr. Anderson for the first few minutes but Anderson was able to strike back at Joe but despite this still saw an onslaught of blows from Joe. Anderson went outside the ring to regroup, however Joe wants answers so he followed him to get them. Outside the ring the advantage went back and forth between Joe and Anderson before it going back into the ring. Things seemed to be on more of an even keel in the ring. Anderson slowly began to dominate and take advantage of Joe’s injured knee. Unfortunately for Anderson he wasted a bit too much time and after going outside the ring Joe was able to land a suicide Dive onto him and bring himself back into the game. Joe who is obviously in pain pulled out a couple near pin falls but Anderson kicked out and went back to work on the knee but not for long as Joe was able to fight back. After a distraction by a member of Aces and 8s, Anderson was able to land a mic check and get the pin for the win.

Both men started with a series of holds to wear down the other followed by a series of offenses but neither seemed to come out with an obvious upper hand. York made a couple of attempts at a pin fall to no avail. After bringing things outside of the ring York had control of the match. He maintained dominance up until King was able to reverse York and begin a series of assaults that wore down York. After a high risk move by York things seemed to be in the bag but King kicked out to keep things going. The back and forth in this important match kept going with both competitors putting it all on the line but in the end York reversed a move by Kenny King and was able to get the pin for the win. However, King wasn’t happy with this and did one more thing to try and take out York incapacitating him for the start of the title match he was about to be in.

X-Division Championship
Christian York, The winner of the previous match must now face Rob Van Dam for the X Division Title with no time for recovery. Going straight into things RVD made it clear that he did not need to continue since he was still obviously injured from King’s unsportsmanlike actions. York’s pride was too much and things got underway. York, who was obviously still worn out from his previous match, continued to be worn out by a fresh Van Dam. RVD made many attempts to put away York but he remained resilient. York did manage to get a few pin attempts in but RVD kicked out each time. After a 5 star frog splash Van Dam got the pin in for the win.

Devon vs. Joseph Park
Joseph Park makes his debut after attending Wrestling School at the developmental territory for IMPACT WRESTLING, Ohio Valley Wrestling, against Devon of Aces and 8s. Park seemed slightly more confident going into this matchup and the crowd was absolutely behind him despite the cards being stacked against him. Devon started out with smack talk to tear down Joseph but the crowd pulled his confidence back around. The two locked up to kick things off, Devon seemed to not take the match seriously with numerous signs of disrespect. After locking up for the 3rd time Devon managed to outwrestle Park and embarrass him. Devon made Joseph get down into collegiate style wrestling however things backfired for Devon. Devon started to take things seriously, however, Park is in much better ring shape than expected so things were interesting at least for a couple minutes. Devon took things outside the ring and tore down Park and brought things back into the ring taking off one of the turnbuckles possibly for later use. When Devon attempts to use the exposed turnbuckle Park put the breaks on it. Joseph had an impressive showing that led to him jumping off the top rope and a near pinfall on Devon. Everything changed when Park saw blood and he snapped into something reminiscent of his brother. Joeseph Park snapped out of it before connecting with a choke slam and due to this Devon was able to jump in and steal the victory from the confused Joseph Park.

Knockouts Gauntlet Match for the #1 Contender:
The match started out with Gail Kim and Miss Tessmacher facing off in the ring in rather heated fashion. Tessmacher was able to pull off a few near pinfalls but after Eat Defeat, Miss Tessmacher was eliminated and ODB came in as the next contestant to the match. Gail Kim ran to ODB but was taken out while still on the ramp. Gail Kim was dominated by ODB and her different style. ODB’s first attempt to eliminate Gail Kim was unsuccessful so she went back to work on her. Gail Kim was able to pull back around and after pulling ODB’s tights was able to get the pin and the next contestant, Mickie James, came to the ring. Gail seemed to pull out a bit more of an offensive this round despite her facing her third fresh competitor. Mickie pulled together an offensive and just as Mickie was at the peak, Gail Kim left the ring but it was not enough to stop Mickie James. After Mickie made an attempt to get a pin she reversed into a roll up to pin Mickie and the next competitor is Velvet Sky. Gail, still outside of the ring, snuck up on Velvet and smashed her into the steps giving herself a chance to regroup. Upon Velvet reentering the ring Gail makes three unsuccessful pin attempts that is answered by an unsuccessful attempt by Velvet. Gail tries yet again to pin Velvet using the ropes for leverage, however this was noticed by referee Taryn Terrell and she put a stop to the count. A distracted Gail Kim was taken out by an In Yo Face from Velvet Sky and she picked up the win with a pin that was questionable as Gail Kim’s foot broke the plane outside the ring.

Fight for World Title Match on Jan 24th episode of IMPACT WRESTLING
Both men had an impressive showing for the first part of the match. Storm’s plan as stated by Tenay was to outwrestle Daniels, which he effectively was able to do. After a distraction by Kazarian at ringside, Daniels was able to knock him out of the ring and allow for Kazarian to beat down on Storm and throw him back in the ring without the referee even knowing. This tactic allowed for Daniels to have full control of the match for quite a bit of time. Daniels used many submission moves possibly due to Storm’s ability to land the last call super kick from a distance that is usually required in high risk moves. Storm was able to gain the favor of the match up to a high elbow off the top rope that led to a near pin fall. Even after an Eye of the Storm, Daniels managed to kick out. Storm nearly connected with the Last Call Super Kick but he missed and Daniels landed an Angel’s Wings, but was unable to get the pin. Storm, before attempting the last call super kick on Daniels, was distracted by Kazarian and he implemented the Kick on Kazarian instead. This backfired as Daniels managed to come in and get the pin on Storm for the win despite his feet on the rope, which went unnoticed by the referee.

Bully and Brooke came out to the IMPACT Zone to talk about their wedding that will be happening on IMPACT WRESTLING this coming week.

D.O.C. from Aces & Eights vs. "The Icon" Sting
Sting, hell bent on revenge, started things off before he even made it to the ring and continued to beat down on DOC throughout the IMPACT Zone before other members of the Aces and 8s killed Sting’s Momentum to allow for DOC to be in control. Upon entering the ring referee Earl Hebner reluctantly started the match. DOC immediately went to work on the Stinger who brought it outside the ring tearing down on the Icon. After implementing a Scorpion Deathdrop along with a series of offensive moves he overcame the odds to pull out a victory on the Aces and 8s member. Following the victory members of the Aces and 8s came out but were stopped from taking out Sting by Bully Ray.

World Heavyweight Championship:
In this elimination style match, Both Aries and Roode made it apparent before the match that they would work together to take out Hardy, which immediately put the champ at a disadvantage going into the match. This was made apparent at the start of the match as both men went to work on Hardy but he put up a good fight against them. Hardy worked back and forth from one competitor to the other with the hope to isolate one so as to not be in a 2 on 1 situation. Roode worked sometime to eliminate Hardy while Aries stayed outside of the ring resting up but Roode’s attempts were unsuccessful. A short time later after Roode was taken out of the ring Aries took to the ring to work on Hardy but was also not successful, however upon Roode reentering the ring both were able to get to work on the champ in a 2 on 1 scenario. Hardy eventually held his own but the situation seemed to get too much for the champ. Roode held onto Hardy so Aries could land a suicide dive, however he was able to get out of the way in time for Roode to take the brunt of the suicide dive. Following this the momentum was in the favor of Hardy but again the number handicap continued to haunt Hardy. Hardy’s resilience was obvious after kicking out of a spine buster by Aries. Following this Roode attempted to double cross Aries and trick him into getting pinned but was unsuccessful. This was enough to break the collusion the two had up until this point and this lead to the two going against each other. Roode was taken out with a pin by Aries with Hardy assisting in the pin fall elimination. Now with things down to one on one with Aries and Hardy, Hardy was able to take out Aries with a Swonton Bomb and get the pin for the win to retain the World Heavyweight Championship.


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