Tuesday, January 15, 2013


EPW's new management turned out to be quite a surprise to everyone. Edith Poole announced that Grady Watson had taken over and he promised many new things and said he will be FIRM but FAIR.
EPW fans went wild over the new announce team consisting of the awesome duo of Grandmaster Sexay Brian Christopher and Kross Mann on Saturday night. You can for sure believe there was never a dull moment with the two of them on the microphones.
Action began with the Bouncer getting a win over Chaz Stone by a DQ. Return match is set for this Saturday night, January 19 with a "special stipulation"... WOW!!! The loser has to wear PANTIES and a BRA!!!!
Cassanova Kid w/Bonecrusher defeated the Hillbilly w/Hollywood Jimmy Blaylock. This match was full of action plus interference from Hollywood Jimmy and Tony Watts who beat down Bonecrusher with a kendo stick. The Hillbilly took full advantage of Hollywood Jimmy's walking cane by hitting Kid with it.Even with all the obstacles Cassanova Kid managed to get the win. Set for this Saturday is a return tag match with Bonecrusher and Cassanova Kid taking on the Hillbillies w/ Hollywood Jimmy at ringside. This promises to be a great one.
Brody Hawk (new EPW Heavyweight Champion) Brody Hawk defeated Neil "The Real Deal" Taylor with alot of confusion on the final call. The "Pink Flamingo" Brian So Fine came in to aid Taylor but his actions backfired with the victory standing for Brody Hawk. Neil Taylor has asked for his rematch which will happen on Saturday to see if he can regain the title.....that he has self-proclaimed as "his." Brody Hawk having the title definately puts a huge target on his back.
EPW fans were in complete shock at what transpired in the main event with the tag team belts on the line. JR Mauler and Samoan Raja defended their titles against Smooth Inc. Chris Cade and Chrome w/Smooth. This match took a very unforseen turn when none other than Superstar Bill Dundee thought to be helping at the time snatched one of the title belts from Smooth and nailed JR Mauler. This allowed Chrome to cover Mauler and get the 1 2 3. Smooth Inc. victorious now having the tag team belts with the help of Dundee. Bill seemed to go haywire at this point saying he had a very good reason for his actions. He said because of 24/7 Kross and Jr Mauler he was out of the ring for 9 months. He then pulled a photo out of his pocket and said that there was the proof that 24/7 had caused his knee injury when they were with the Hollywood Clique. Brian Christopher tried to calm Dundee down but he became more and more irate...blasting Mauler in the head with a mic at which time Kross got up from his chair at the announcers table and within seconds Dundee had nailed him with the mic and rammed him inot the table head first. Grady Watson quickly apperared on the scene and called for security to restrain Superstar Bill Dundee. Bill still had no understanding therefore Grady Watson told him if he wanted a match he had a match..... it will be Superstar Bill Dundee going against 1/2 of 24/7 JR Mauler on Saturday night, January 19. I have tried to contact Kross and JR Mauler this week to get a comment on the situation but as of now I have had no success. Stay tuned for further updates. Remember..... You never know what will happen or who will show up at EPW!

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