Sunday, January 20, 2013

Pro Wrestling Resurrection Jason Speed Memorial results from 1/20 in Gainesville, GA

The centerpiece of the even was the Memorial Cup 6 Man Showcase. The first four matches were the opening round of the tournament.

Team Priceless (Marko with Quasi Mandisco) & Priceless Attraction (Zackery Blaine & Chad Silva with Chives) defeated Team PWR (Blue & Zee Williams & Mystic Storm)

Team Luchadores (El Zombie Mascaras & Supernatural & De La Vega with Brandy Scotch Baker) defeated Red Carpet Society (CB Suave & Gothic & Flyin Ryan with RM1)

Team Reckoning (PWR Champion Rick Michaels & Jagged Edge & Zach Daniels defeated Team Franchise (Matt Sells & Ryan Michaels & Johnny Danger)

Team All Star (Sugar Dunkerton & Aaron Epic & Stryknyn) defeated Team Exotic Ones (Simon Sermon & Tommy Too Much & Stoney Hooker)  

Nina Monet & Brandy Scotch Baker defeated Pandora & Dementia D'Rose 

Memorial Cup Semifinal: Jagged Edge & Rick Michaels & Zach Daniels (Ryan Bonebrake) defeated Team All Star (Sugar Dunkerton & Aaron Epic & Stryknyn)

Ethan Case won a 20 man battle royal for a shot at the PWR United States Championship  

Team Luchadores (Supernatural & Mascaras & Chris Damian) defeated Team Reckoning (Rick Michaels & Jagged Edge & Zach Daniels with Ryan Bonebrake) to win the Jason Speed Memorial Cup

Credit: Larry Goodman @

NOTE: Larry Goodman has posted a very good write-up on this event. Lots of details on each match and on the show. Check it out, here's the LINK

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