Monday, January 14, 2013

Pro Wrestling Elite Union City,TN results

Pro Wrestling Elite's All Action Wrestling results from Jan. 12

Former Chief Operating Officer "Showtime" Daniel Thomas came out to open the show and commented on his demotion to the role of company advisor. He also invited "The Impact Player" Dell Tucker out to comment on last week. Tucker pledged his alliegence to Pro Wrestling Elite's All Action Wrestling as well as it's advisors. "Showtime" also made a match between Jason Rage and Maverick with a no-disqualifaction stipulation - sort of. In that match, "Showtime" determined, only Rage could not be disqualified. Jon Michael came out to confront "Showtime" and commented on what happened last week, including having to wrestle one of his best friends for the PWE/AAW belt. As Jon Michael went to leave the ring, he was ambushed by Tucker, who had hid at ringside. After shots from the kendo stick, Tucker grabbed a chair, wrapped it around Jon Michael's head and ran "The Trendsetter" throat first into the ringpost.

In the opening bout, Billy Madding defeated "The Impact Player" Dell Tucker when referee Eric Teas reversed the initial decision (which saw Tucker win via pinfall) when it was discovered the Tucker had his feet on the ropes during the pin.

"The Show" Chris Adams rebounded from his lost last week in a big way in the second match, defeating one half of the PWE/AAW Tag Team champions "Classy" Xander Legendd when he schoolboyed Legendd after the pink-and-black clad titlest tried to choke Adams with his ring jacket.

In the match made earlier in the night, Officer Jason Rage gained a contraversial decision when Maverick was disqualified for using the chokeslam after "Showtime" Daniel Thomas had made it illegal mid-match. After the match, General Manager Justin Percell came out and said that "Showtime" had slipped one by this week, but next week, there would be another match between Rage and Maverick and the no-dq stipulation would be across the board.

The Posse's Lil Chris picked up a DQ win over "The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony when Dell Tucker attacked Lil Chris with a kendo stick. Simon Reed came out to make the save and challeneged Tucker to a rematch from last week, when Tucker attacked him with the kendo stick at the end of the match. PWE/AAW General Manager Justin Percell ordered that match to take place.

The ensuing match ended in a no contest when Lil Chris and Greg Anthony interefered. Anthony and Tucker, aided by "Showtime," gained the upperhand until Jon Michael came out to even the odds. Percell came back out and informed "Showtime" that, because of his actions through the night, his prescence would not be needed next week.

Pro Wrestling Elite's All Action Wrestling returns to the Giant Flea Market in Union City on Saturday, Jan. 19 with a new bell time of 7:30 p.m.

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