Thursday, January 31, 2013


Before another packed house Edith Poole and Grady Watson started the night off with an explanation as to the suspension of Grandmaster Sexay Brian Christopher. Edith stated she had numerous phone calls asking for an explanation for her actions. She stated her reason was Brian's interference in the match the week before between Superstar Bill Dundee and Jr Mauler. At this time they asked Kross to come out and explained to him that he would have also been suspended if they could have determined who hit the ring first. Grady then told Kross that someone wanted to talk to him and his partner Jr Mauler came out. Jr asked Kross to have faith in him to handle the situation with Dundee on his own. He didn't want to have to worry about him suffering further injury. Kross agreed to his partners wishes and promised to remain in the back. After 24/7 "sealed the deal" with sum brother love Jr assured the crowd that he would take care of the pint sized midget later on in the night.

The Hollywood Clique were quite proud of themselves for their attack oN Brody Hawk the week before leaving him in a pool of blood. With full attention on Brody the Clique got an unexpected surprise when they turned around to find the other half of Pure Destruction Cody Hawk standing behind them. PD cleared the ring and in no uncertain terms Cody let the Clique no they would pay for spilling his brothers blood with a good old fashioned AZZ kickin! (pic 8) The first match of the night was between the Bouncer and J Fuller. Bouncer got the pinfall in this one.

Grady Watson informed Hollywood Jimmy and Smooth that they would be seated in a chair if they were at ringside. Neither were receptive to the new rule but they reluctinly agreed. Autumn Sky defeated BeBe In the ladies match up with a little help from her hair spray. BeBe received medical attention. We have not receved word on her condition at this time. One half of the tag team champs Chrome faced off against Chaz Stone. After interference from Smooth and Chrome's partner with the use of a championship belt Chrome got the 1 2 3 . The one the fans had been waiting for did not disappoint! Superstar Bill Dundee and Jr Mauler once again duked it out in this non stop action. To the surprise and excitement of the crowd a suspended Brian Christopher showed up and purchased a ticket to the show. He was instructed that he was to stay in his seat and not cross the railing but the temptation was to strong for Grandmaster Sexay. He went into the ring with the intentions of giving Dundee a superkick but Dundee moved and Christopher accidentally kicked Jr full on in the face which allowed Dundee to get the pin. The question remains in minds.... "Was it an accident or was it that Memphis Connection coming out." You can bet this one is far from over.

Cassanova Kid w/Bonecrusher faces The Hillbilly w/Hollywood Jimmy Blaylock. Bonecrusher was ordered to the back for this match up due to the fact he did not have a managers license. Cassanova Kid and the Hillbilly battled toe to toe but in aHollywood Jimy fashion he couldnt resist leaving his chair and interferring in the match. The highlight of the night was a big surprise for Holly wood as Bonecrusher came in the front door and clobbered Hollywood with a bag of powder. This made "Pillsburywood" I mean Hollywood livid. With the excitement outside the ring The Hillbilly didnt know what hit him and allowed Kid to get the win. Hollywood challenged Bone crusher to a loser leaves EPW match this Saturday night which he excepted without reluctance. Hollywood declaes he is bringing in someone who has never been to EPW but hatesw Bonecrusher, Cassanova Kid, Edith , Grady, and even Kross.  The burning question is" Who can it be?"

The main event turned out to be exactly what Pure Destruction said it would be "An old fashioned AZZ kickin!" From the ringing of the bell PD was in control with the Hollywood Clique being stung by every blow! As Cody Hawk told them at the beginning of the night you will regret causing my brother to lose one drop of blood. The Clique thought  they had been hit by a mack truck and that mack truck was named PURE DESTRUCTION !   As Brody Hawk and Neil Taylor battled outside the ring it allowed partner Cody Hawk to get the win over Bryan So Fine.


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