Thursday, January 24, 2013

JD McKay leaves Action Packed Wrestling

"The Outlaw" JD McKay posted the following on Facebook Wednesday:
"Open letter to the fans and all members of Action Packed Wrestling,

If you were not at this past Saturday's event you cannot have any inkling of what occurred. Since then, my life has literally been a constant barrage of questions and statements....let me say this, what went down there was unlike anything else I have ever seen or been a part of while being in this business for a quarter of a century.

Since Saturday night, I have been told of firings and refunds and "insider" information from people that to my knowledge should have no access to such information. I am sickened as to what I have learned and how it has effected certain individuals and their personal lives.
I am a life-long fan of the sport of professional wrestling, but the truth is what has happened between what happened in Columbus Saturday night and now has soured me on working and wrestling for APW.

So effective immediately I am resigning as an active competitor in that organization.

My apolgies to the new owners and the fans and my fellow workers, but I feel it is in my best interests to no longer wrestle in APW.

Wish yall the best, cause from what I have seen these last four days, you are gonna need it.

JS McKay"

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