Thursday, January 24, 2013

Human Highlight Reel Awards

Ok, now I want to revisit the High Flyers and a little more.  Also called the Junior Heavyweights, these guys have become the "work horses" of wrestling in this area.  Once again let me preface by saying that these are entirely off of what I saw only.  If you were left off, then chances are I didn't get to see enough of your work this year.
Best High Flyer:
Tatt2 has it all.  The look and work rate.  A lot of people do not like Tatt2, but his in ring work is unbelievable.  I have personally worked Tatt2 on many occasions, and there is nothing he can't do in that ring.
Honorable Mention:
Eric Wayne
Eric is very cocky, but he can back every bit of it up inside the squared circle.  Eric is a technician and is very good at it.  
Seth Sabor
Seth is amazing.  He has the total package.  Seth works mainly for ASWF which doesn't get a lot of coverage.  But if Seth was seen more and worked all over, he would be on everyone's ballots.
Stan Lee
Stan is money in every area.  I haven't been on a show where he has a bad match. Stan is one of those guys that can steal the show with a broom stick.

Best On The Mic:
Golden Boy Greg Anthony
Golden Boy is hands down the best talker in my opinion.  This guy can talk you into buying a ticket or sell ice to an Eskimo.  Also one of the very best in the ring. He makes stars every time he is on a show.
Honorable Mention:
Hollywood Jimmy
Jimmy is a heat magnet.  This guy can make fans so mad and make them love anyone.  I think he would lose a popularity contest with Osama Bin Laden. That's how good he is.
Jason The Brain
Jason is next in line in replacing Hollywood.  Jason has made the NRG into household names.  Plus a great dude.  

Next up in the awards will be the ladies and tag teams.

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